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Oct 10, 2007 01:47 PM

Chinese Banquet B-day

I am trying to plan my birthday dinner for around 20-25 people- someone suggested a Chinatown banquet...any ideas for places that do chinese banquets that are relatively good

Or other places I could get a relatively inexpensive set meal ($30 ish) for a bunch of people-

Sorry to be so vague- just moved back here and trying to figure out the plan!!


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  1. For my birthday banquet, we went to Oriental Garden (on Elizabeth Street) and had quite a delicious meal. We were about fourteen people. One of my friends arranged the menu. I believe it came to $30-ish per person:

    Vegetable rolls
    Shrimp dumpling
    Beef soup
    Steamed whole sea bass in black bean sauce
    Bok choi and lotus root
    Steamed lobster in XO sauce
    Some kind of very crispy and delicious garlic chicken
    Long noodles with black mushrooms

    1. oriental garden is an excellent choice. our group dinner there earlier this year was fantastic, for the most part. congee village (allen @ delancey) is another good choice, or fuleen seafood (division st).

      if you go to oriental garden, don't miss the scallop dumplings.