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Oct 10, 2007 01:39 PM

Canolis in Bay Ridge?

I'm fairly new to Bay Ridge and haven't had a bad slice of pizza yet, but where are all the good canolis? I grew up on the Lower East Side so had my pick in Little Italy and I am craving a crispy one!

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  1. Try 18th Ave Bakery (near 63rd St, I guess that is New Utrecht or something but it's in the vicinity of Bay Ridge).

    By the way, cannoli is plural. One cannolo. Two cannoli.

    1. You'll be better off in neighboring Bensonhurst. If it's still there, Rispoli on NU Ave and about 73rd St had great cannoli. (They also make the world's best homemade Italian Ices.)
      For really fresh and crispy cannoli I like Angelo's on 86th St and 25th Ave,
      I believe both bakeries have chocolate and vanilla.
      If you go to Angelo's treat yourself to a french cream filled "Lobster Tail"..
      They are beyond delicious.

      Rispoli Pastry Shop 7202 New Utrecht Ave, Brooklyn, NY (718) 236-2970 Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY
      Angelo's Royal Pastry Shop. 2482 86TH St Brooklyn, NY 11214-4441 Phone: (718) 372-3866.

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      1. re: Tay

        We always bring home cannoli from Angelos on 86th when visiting relatives in Brooklyn. I second that rec!

        1. re: RawTunaFan

          Raw Tuna
          You must try their amazing Lobster Tails as well, but you have to make sure they are filled with their french cream as the cannoli cream is too much for a bigger pastry.

      2. Thanks for the recommendations and for the Italian lesson -- now I can order 1 cannolo correctly :-) I'll have to take the bus over to Bensonhurst/New Utrecht one of these days and do a taste testing. I love lobster tails too!

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        1. re: eveningg

          Try sfogliatelle at 18th Ave...I can vouch for them, they are amazing.

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            I'm not saying it's incorrrect but I have never heard anyone refer to one cannoli as a 'cannolo'. If you order, (especially in Bensonhurst/Bay Beach.) I would suggest you use "cannoli" or they'll look at you funny :-} Try to go when it isn't humid.
            It's hard to get crispy cannoli when it's damp.
            BTW... I'm impressed that you spelled 'New Utrecht' correctly. I never get it right, hence my NU abbreviation, lol!

            1. re: Tay

              I agree, few Italian-Americans would ever say cannolo. But most of them know that you really can't say "cannolis". I think usual usage would be "cannoli" as both a singular and plural.

              1. re: Tay

                It's true. I remember the first (and last) time I ordered a "cannolo", up in Carroll Gardens. The girl behind the counter was at first confused, and then barely able to keep from laughing when she figured out what I meant. "Cannoli" is definitely both the singular and plural.

                1. re: ratatosk

                  I'll stick to cannoli without the "s" then. And I'm looking forward to Alba's re-opening. I remember the cakes from years ago.

            2. Bensonhurst - 18 Ave. - Villa Abate.

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              1. re: shayne

                all the bakeries listed here serve up tremendous cannoli. i'd like to suggest rimini pasticceria on 68th and bay parkway. everyone should look forward to the grand re-opening of Alba on 18th ave later this yr, as the cannoli there should be amazing in their brand new all imported from italia caffe.

                1. re: joeyBK

                  Is that the original Alba's???
                  They used to make amazing whipped cream with chocolate dipped strawberry,
                  special occasion cakes that blew the roof off other Bakeries.

              2. I second Villa Abate, but also Mona Lisa on 86th street and 14th ave.