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Oct 10, 2007 01:35 PM

Restaurant gift certificate

I'd like to buy a restaurant gift certificate for a married couple that I am friends with. They live in Woodbridge, but I'm fairly certain there isn't much of anything exciting down there that isn't a chain. Any suggestions for a place I could buy them a certificate for about $75 where they could enjoy a nice evening out? Maybe Alexandria?


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  1. How about Bazin's in Vienna - is that too far? Love that place!

    1. I'd go for a gift card available from Great American Restaurants. Technically, it is (but isn't) a chain--it's local, but they have six uniquely-branded restaurants. IMHO the quality of their food and service is exceptional at that price point at each of the locations I've tried.

      Mike's (Springfield) would be closest to the recipients, but they'd have their choice of using it at any of their other brands/locations.

      1. How about a gift certificate to The Majestic in Old Town? Also for my brother's wedding I got him and his wife a $100 gift certificate from a restaurant group that has about 8+ restaurants around their neighborhood and neighboring areas. That way they can choose what type cuisine to spend the money and whether or not they want to spread the money around or splurge on one meal.

        Perhaps you can do that with one of the local restaurant groups in the area. I know there is suppose to be one good group in the Arlington/Alexandria area but since I'm not front there I can't remember the area. Perhaps someone else out there knows what I'm talking about.

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          Great American Restaurants...that's what I was thinking about.

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            Thanks guys! I forgot that Mike's was in Springfield. That should work perfectly, and I can swing by Sweetwater on my way home from work. Great American to the rescue.