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Fort Greene delivery?

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Hi all,

Recently moved to Fort Greene, near Lafayette and South Oxford...what are your delivery favorites for the area? All cuisines welcome...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Black Iris! Cheap, delicious Middle Eastern food. And they always accidentally bring you more than you ordered. I love the appetizer combo, anything lamb, and the parsley/cheese rolls especially.
    Don't order delivery from Rice; too expensive for uncreative, small-portioned food. The only reason to eat there is the cozy, sedate ambience, which of course you get none of if you order delivery.

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      Totally agree on Rice: lousy food and way too expensive. I also agree that Black Iris is worthwhile, though I'm somewhat less enthusiastic. For Chinese, there's really nothing decent in the area that I know of, but Hunan Delight in Park Slope delivers to the neighborhood, and they're pretty good.