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Oct 10, 2007 12:53 PM

Work Trip to Wilkes-Barre

A few people from my office are going to Wilkes-Barre for 3 days/2 nights. We are used to DC food, and were hoping for some suggestions of places to get good food (local or ethnic) in the area. Nothing too expensive, or chains.

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    1. re: piney

      Wilkes Barre is my hometown and near & dear to my heart. The "valley" is not known for fine dining, consider that my friends are buying houses for $50,000. If you are looking for somewhere nice ($15 +/- per entree), I would suggest Hottles on Main Street, Kantana Japanese Restaurant on Public Square, The Woodlands on Rt. 315 or a trip to Scranton to visit Coopers Seafood House. If you are looking for some inexpensive for casual meal/take out, I love Philly Phinest on Carey Ave. for authentic Philadelphia Cheesesteaks and pizza; Beer Bellies in Kingston for deli sandwiches and to go six packs; Wegmans Supermarket for their food court that includes pizza, salads, subs, sushi, chinese, and lots of other treats. I recently went to the Anthracite Cafe off of Rt. 309 and we were really pleased with our prime rib dinners. Wilkes-Barre is certainly a throw back town where the people may not be the most sophicated but couldn't be more friendly!

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        I'll second Old Forge - Revello's pizza is amazing. Get a tray of red and a tray of white and you'll be set.

        1. re: piney

          I also grew up in Wilkes-Barre. I graduated from Meyers High. I haven't been back since my reunion but there are places like Abe's hot dogs. There are several around, one on Main St and two on Barney St. One is called Barney St. lunch. I'm sure you know them growing up in the area. Pig Pizza is another favorite of mine, also Pizza L oven. Hottle's is also great. I wonder if Ray is still owns it. I'm not familiar with any other places since I don't get back there enough.

        2. Pazzo on Route 315 has great food & reasonable prices - same goes for Cafe Olivia in Pittston - Perugino's in Luzerne has excellent food. I always enjoy Hottle's & Katana. New restaurant - Dominic's on the lake at Harveys Lake is a wonderul experience. Marty's Blue Room is another good choice (Nanticoke or Alden??)

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            I'll second Hottle's! You'll think you walked into a dive bar, but the food is outstanding, and the homemade soups excellent! The lunch specials are a real bargain!!! If you have a big problem with cigarette smoke, however, that might be a problem.

          2. Also, definitely go to Old Forge! I recommend the red at Augustine's Club 17, and the double-crusted (stuffed) white with spinach and the rosemary sprinkled on top is not to be missed at Arcaro & Genell. Get one of their made-to-order cannolis for dessert.