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Oct 10, 2007 12:32 PM

New Peruvian in Tarzana

Excellent new Peruvian spot in Tarzana called Lima.
Hidden in the back of shopping center on south side of Ventura - just West of Shirley in a spot that was a "supper club". Excellent food. More upscale than many Peruvian spots. The owners have brought an experienced chef from Lima. Wait staff all students originally from Peru and so proud of their culture - ready and enthusiastic ambassadors of the food.

Excellent seafood and steak. Jalea, ceviches & tiraditos, tallarines & saltados. Delicious combo of rice and beans called "tacu-tacu" A new take on Spaghetti with a combination of alfredo and huancaina sauce - I love it as a side with shrimp saltado. Great seafood preps including a delicious maracuja (passion fruit) sauce. Authentic ingredients from Aji and Choclo and to Pisco sours and Chicha (Peruvian purple corn drink)

The only thing "missing" is the typical roast chicken that you find in most of the Mom & Pop Peruvian places around town - but you don't miss it. This place really kicks things up a notch. And in the Valley of all places!

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  1. I love Lima. To me, it's the best Peruvian in all of SoCal and a classy looking place to boot. The food and service is top notch.

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      Hmmm, I love Peruvian and I am moving out that way. What would you recommend at Lima? I traditionally try the ceviche and beef tallarines. My BF traditionally orders the chicken saltado and drowns everything in the aji sauce.

      1. re: missmodular818

        I love their (hope I'm spelling right) Tallarin Saltado with beef. It reminds me of really good tomato beef chow mein made in the old days in Chinatown before the sweet and sour type of sauce was used. Lima's beef for the dish is really tender. I went to Choza Mama a few days ago and had the same dish. Yuck. It was awful. Real tough and cheap beef.

        1. re: Galen

          Tallarin is noodle based and Saltados are over french fries. Looks like you had the Tallarin. Good choice. That is usually what I order. YUM!

        2. re: missmodular818

          As I mentioned the shrimp saltado either with traditional rice or tacu-tacu is delicious - but I like their spaghetti huancaina - creative and yummy. And salmon with maracuja is a favorite of mine. I really don't like hot spicy food so I can't judge their take on anything with the Aji sauce personally - but my husband (Mexican) loves it. A lot of the clientele seems to be Peruvian, too.

          The last time I was in the waiter recommended the cake "tres leches" style and it was amazing. Had to take most of it home . . .

          I'll be interested to hear your take on the hotter stuff

      2. Wow! The take out menu looks good!

        1. How does it compare with Mario's in Hollywood/Hancock Park? (Adding links for both places, btw.)

          Mario's Peruvian & Seafood
          5786 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

          19540 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356

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          1. re: David Kahn

            Just saw this. Much better than Mario's. More sophisticated and much better quality ingredients. A bit pricier, too, but worth it.