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Oct 10, 2007 12:31 PM

Second Boston Visit

I was just in Boston this past summer and used this board (with awesome results!!) to find some great places to eat. This time around, I will be staying in the Boston Commons/Gardens area, and am looking for more affordable options. I will have a subway pass and will be traveling to Salem this time as well for a few hours. Last time, it was a complete splurge, but this time, I am looking for a more budget friendly trip. :) Anywhere that one can go on the subway is great, and me and my friend will eat almost anything. Breakfast isn't as important as the other meals, as I know that one breakfast will be from Charlie's diner. Also, does anyone know of good places to go dancing and get a drink? Thanks!!:)

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  1. There are many affordable options but if you could say what kind of cuisine: burgers, pizza, italian, thai, etc, it might help limit the responses. Here's a few: in the North End, Regina's for Pizza; Near Boston University, Grille Zone or Audobon for burgers; for Thai in Brookline (along B or C line), Duk Boa or Khao Sarn; for Italian, Carlo's Cucina in Allston; for Burrito's, El Pelon Tacqueria in the Fenway; Excellent Asian Food Court at the Super 88 Supermarket in Allston (near B.U.); there are also many postings on this board about East Boston which is accessible by trolley but I am not familiar with this area (see Cafe Angela-Mexican).

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      Great suggestions. Right in the Common area areSilvertone on Bromfield St. which is fun and Chacarero on Province St. for their Chilean sandwiches. For fancy sandwiches from the area chefs, there's Parish Cafe on Boylston. Cambridge 1, Bartley's Burgers and Flat Patties in Harvard Sq. La Pupusa Guanica, El Oriental de Cuba and Alex's Chimi's on Centre St. in JP, with a drink at the Brendan Behan. Zuzu on Sat. nite has a fun scene and casual dance nite but it's small and not a typical dance club. Some people like the food there (served til 10PM I think).

    2. Chinatown is a short walk for dim sum breakfasts at such places as Hei La Moon, Chau Chow City, China Pearl....

      1. Grotto, a charming Italian spot is in Beacon Hill, a hop-skip from the Public Garden. They have a great prix-fixe with lots of options.

        Parish Cafe, at the edge of the Common on Boylston St., has sandwiches created by a variety of local chefs.

        1. You've got some great suggestions above. Also consider Galleria Umberto in the North End for lunch and non-dim-sum Chinatown spots like King Fung Garden, Peach Farm, Shabu Zen, and Hong Kong Eatery.

          It's not so easy to get good food in Salem, especially not inexpensively, and most especially not during October, which is high tourist season. Both Grapevine and Finz are well worth hitting, but are not dirt cheap. One option might be the take-out sister to Cilantro around the corner from the original, called Taste of Cilantro.

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            I like Finz in Salem and if you sit at the bar you can usually snag a seat. Also, enjoy the Old Spot for a burger or the ploughman's lunch. If time permits, I would take the ferry over the train. I wish I could remember the name of the gourmet shop, near Finz, because they have incredible "horrible cookies" filled with chocolate chips and a middle layer of pure chocolate. If you time it right you may get some while they're still warm!

          2. Craving a burger? Try Bartley's in Harvard Square or a healthier offering then try, B Good also in Harvard Square.

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              Speaking of b.good, it looks like they're opening one up on Newbury St.

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                Many consider Flat Patties in Harvard Square (first floor of The Garage, on JFK Street) and Grille Zone (Comm Ave at Babcock) superior burgers to either of those.