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Oct 10, 2007 12:12 PM

Quick baking question: bakers sugar ok in carrot cake?

Hi there--I'm making this carrot cake recipe, (trying to use up my loads and loads of CSA carrots--the pumpkins and squash will be next on my list of vegetables to maniacly use up...) which calls for 2 cups of granulated sugar. Silly me, I only have about a quarter cup of sugar. But I do have ultrafine "baker's sugar." Since I've already got something else in the oven, I don't want to leave it to run to the grocery store for more sugar right now... Will I be okay with the baker's sugar? Are there any adjustments I may need to make to the recipe--maybe pull back on some of the sugar, since, presumably, the baker's sugar would dissolve more?

I also happen to have a lot of powdered sugar, brown sugar, molasses, and honey lurking in my cupboards, in case anyone thinks one of those would be a better substitution.

Thank you!


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  1. Well, I'm sure you've already made the cake by now. But for the record: there's no need to reduce the amount of sugar called for when using superfine sugar. It does dissolve faster/better and gives a different crumb, but you shouldn't notice much, if any, difference in the level of sweetness.

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      Thank you clepro! As you suspected, I plunged ahead anyway--I realized there were comments on this recipe on allrecipes from people who said they preferred to use some brown sugar in this cake anyway. So, instead of 2 cups of granulated sugar, I used 1 cup of brown sugar, all the granulated sugar I had, and, the rest, to fill out a cup, the super fine sugar. The cake turned out pretty well (much better than the disasterous Elvis cake I made today...)--next time, I think I'll also replace some of the oil with applesauce.

      Thanks again!