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Registry Help!

Ok, I'm getting ready to register for my wedding and I need help with brand recommendations.

I've always loved the beautiful stainless All Clad, are these really the best pans to get? What about an immersion blender? Apparently there are lots of people wanting to buy gifts, and I actually have 2 showers planned (shoot me now) so the more things I can register for at various price points, the better.

All recommendations welcome!

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  1. I love All - Clad stainless pots and pans.
    I love Le Creuset enamelled cast iron pots.
    I love my Shun knives.

    I have mostly kitchen aid small appliances and like them a lot.

      1. My basics:

        Sitram pots (Bridgekitchenware.com)
        Le Creuset
        Swiss Diamond non-stick large skillet
        Henckles (sp?) knives - the Santuko is my current favorite
        Cuisineart food processor
        KitchenAid mixer - the one where you lift the bowl up and down
        Waring blender

        I've acquired these over the years and have been very happy with all of them.

        1. All Clad stainless - definitely (don't get the nonstick - it never lasts)
          Le Creuset for a dutch oven and a buffet braiser (Staub is also a great brand)
          Lodge preseasoned cast iron skillets
          Knives - any of the good brands... but I suggest you go to whatever store you're registered at (Williams Sonoma is great) and try them out. Whatever fits best in your hand should be the brand you select.
          Emile Henri stoneware/bakers are great
          Appliances - I have a lot of Cuisinart stuff (food processor, immersion blender, griddler, toaster oven, espresso maker) and it's fine.
          Don't forget china, good glassware or crystal, and flatware.
          Have fun!

          1. I have several pieces of a Calphalon line that I don't think they make anymore (may have been called "commercial") and love them. My sister-in-law has All Clad pots (shiny on the outside, I do not know what line they are, sorry) and loves them.

            I have a 5-quart (bowl) Kitchenaid mixer, about 15 years old. Still works great. They stopped doing 5-quart for awhile and were doing only 4 1/2 and 6-quart, but I see now that they are back to doing 5. 4 1/2 was a bit small and 6 a bit big for some recipes. The meat-grinder attachment comes in handy now and again.

            I have a 14-cup Cuisinart, over 10 years old. Still works great. It is the type with the two levers that you push rather than the smooth control panel.

            I also love my Henckel 4-star (I think) knives, but definitely put knives in your hand to see how they feel.

            Good idea for you to look at the thread mentioned below and very thoughtful of you to think in terms of varying pricepoints. Don't be afraid to list all sorts of small items. Someone may get you a bunch of them and put them together with a bowl or cutting board or cookbook. Those little things add up when you have to get them yourself.

            Don't know what stores you have in your area , whether you are going the department store route, or whether you are going to do a place or places that people can get to on-line, but I really like Sur La Table (if there's one near you, or you register on-line) over Williams-Sonoma, as they have a wider selection. Also, Crate & Barrel has a lot of everyday stuff at very reasonable prices in addition to a lot of tableware. From what my sister, who registered there for some things, they are apparently very cooperative with returns and taking things back months after the wedding, if you find you have second thoughts about something.

            Congratulations, good luck and have fun.

            1. I absolutely can't live without my Kitchenaid stand mixer and recently bought the ice cream maker attachment (on Amazon.com for about $40) and now I can't live without that either. I'm not the biggest ice cream fan in the world but it's very easy to make and all my friends are inviting me to make ice cream for them. My fiance is addicted to chocolate ice cream with Andes mints crumbled in-- and I love the key lime pie ice cream. Plus I think they're more fun to buy as a wedding gift than, say, a place setting of china, which is somewhat anonymous.

              Another suggestion: a high quality waffle iron.

              Have fun and congrats/best wishes!

              1. I like my All Clad and gathered mostly rave reviews in advance posting stuff for my recent wedding shower. One reason to go with stainless that is rarely mentioned is that the future of stove tops is induction heating. Yes, a bold prediction! The best induction stove tops blow away the highest end professional gas ranges in speed, and power settings (low and high). It just a matter of time before induction stoves drop in price and people catch on and start buying them. Good pots last a lifetime, so keep away from materials that (e.g. aluminum) don't work with induction elements.

                Of course, induction heating may be replaced by something else in our lifetime . . . `

                1. I just got married and what's been posted covers most of the basics. I'll throw in a couple of other "splurge items" we got that I've been happily playing with:
                  - copper sauce pot (GET THIS! You'll have it forever and the difference between copper and my old sauce pot is unreal)
                  - All Clad Copper Core Pans
                  - Electic Pressure Cooker (no danger!)
                  - french porcelain - both for cooking and serving
                  - a big, huge crockpot

                  I'll report on more when I pick up the ret of the gifts :)

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                    Second the recommendation for the French porcelain baking and serving pieces.
                    Absolute classics that go with everything. Elegant enough to use with the most formal table settings and sturdy enough to use every day.
                    I've got soufflée dishes and bowls that were wedding gifts in 1971 that I use daily and I've added serving pieces and dinnerware over the years.
                    Apilco and Pillivuyt are the two best companies, both in business since the early 1800s, and their porcelain is used in many top restaurants and fine homes. These are things you'll enjoy for a lifetime of gracious living and entertaining.

                    1. re: MakingSense

                      This weekend we picked up the rest of the gifts and we received TONS of Apilco porcelain and it just looks awesome. Casserols and Souffle dishes, along with a large serving bowl with a lid for serving soups and such. Awesome.

                      But, as for the fun stuff, here's what I can't wait to play with:

                      - Electric Fondue Pot. If this doesn't say uneccesary splurge, I don't know what does but I've checked it out and the thing looks awesome! It's from Cuisinart, it's nonstick and best of all: dishwasher safe. Yes, electric and dishwasher safe. It's able to get oils hot enough to reach 375 degrees, and can easily boil broths. Never again will I have to bother with sterno!

                      - Ice Cream Maker

                      - Food Mill - less a splurge, but still looks fun

                      - Cool serving dishes I'd normally not buy - including a 3 compartment dish that I'm planning to use to do Duck, Mushrooms, etc. three ways

                      - a fantastic 9 inch Hollow Ground Wustoff carving knife

                      Things I was less a fan of.... Cutco carving knife and cake knife (?? - it looks like a cake server with a sharp edge). We didn't ask for it, don't need it and I don't know if it's returnable.

                      1. re: heWho

                        Hang on to the Cutco. Someone gave me a small chef's knife that I never would have bought. I love it. The cake knife will probably be really useful and that's an item that you aren't going to rush out to buy, but one day you'll be very happy to have. Those aren't your day-to-day knives but worthy extras.

                        I would urge everybody to put Apilco and Pillivuyt porcelain pieces on their lists. The stuff is gorgeous and looks as good on a picnic table as it does with my heirloom china. I've got some from my own wedding (1971) that I use as though it were pyrex baking dishes and it wears like iron. It's so nice to make an everyday dish and have it look like something out of a food magazine just because it's in one of those Apilco bakers. My daughters are already joking about who gets the collection when I die!

                        Congratulations on your marriage!

                  2. Where are you registered? I registered at amazon.com and had all billion vendors to choose from. It worked out so well, we got everything from an inversion table to karaoke mics to the usual knives and my first Le Creuset:)