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Great lunch places short walk from SEA downtown

From the library as a starting point. We just changed offices, and I'm looking for some new, good, not too expensive lunch choices within an easy walk. Thanks :)

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  1. Is this place still open?

    I heard good things in the past, but I work over on the Eastside, and haven't had a chance to go.

    1. food court at 3rd and Marion (cafe pho upstairs, cafe zum zum downstairs)
      dimsum at O'Asian (5th and Marion)
      food court at Pike and 3rd/4th (Century plaza)

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        Can you vouch for the quality and taste of the food barleywino? I have a general knee jerk aversion to food courts.

        1. re: sasha1

          cafe zum zum has great lamb peas curry, cafe pho has kalbi short ribs and pho which are decent. the Taste of Asia in the Century sq food court has decent Korean for a place that charges by the ounce. you did ask for inexpensive...if you want to spend a little more, you can go for teppanyaki and/or eel fried rice at Benihana, steak lunch special (a good deal considering the dinner prices) at the Brooklyn, or something at Troiani...i'm not a fan of Red Bowl or Mel's sandwiches, or the all you can eat sushi lunch special at Benihana

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            We went to the burger place today at the 3rd and Marion food court. Not bad - I had a chicken sandwich, which had a nice smoky flavor to it. I wanted to try the Indian, but my companion unfortunately doesn't like Indian and it was too cold to sit outside.

            I don't suppose Salumi is close enough to walk to from here? I haven't tried them since moving to this part of the world!

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              Salumi is at 2nd and Jackson, about 6 blocks away - the buses are free

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                Salumi--depends on how fast you walk, and how much flexibility you have in when and how long your lunch is.

                Keep in mind Salumi is usually packed from 11:30 to 2 pm, and even if you get there at 11:00 there may already be a line.

                I work at 4th and Madison, and am a slow walker. My game plan used to be to get to Salumi at 11:00, get my sandwich, walk back, and eat at my desk. I could do this within 45 minutes to an hour. I'm not allowed to eat at my desk anymore, so I haven't tried this in a while, and perhaps it's even more busy at Salumi now.

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            zum zum is great - they will serve a sampler, though I like the lamb and spinach.
            Great as the days get cooler - very warming and tasty.

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              2nd zum zum. My favorite curry place. SO GOOD.

          3. I love Mae Phim! 94 Columbia Street.

            1. Bakeman's at Second & Cherry; they bake their turkeys fresh each morning. There are other items on the menu besides the Bakeman's turkey sandwich, but no ever orders them.

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                Oh, but for a total feed, have a salad, a soup, a pop, and some pie and keep the change from a ten. The meatloaf sandwich is everything it claims to be - meatloaf. And cheap.

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                  Actually I love the turkey wild rice soup at Bakeman's. It's more like a stew, great comfort food.

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                    It ain't haute cuisine, but I do enjoy getting comfortable at Bakeman's. I think Jason must have been the model for the soup nazi.

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                      Tried Bakeman's today and enjoyed it. The bread was standard white slice, but was not redolent of chemical flavor and texture like what you'd get at a grocery store in a plastic bag. The turkey was tasty, and fresh. I'm not sure about my choice of combining lettuce, tomato, and cranberry. That was abit weird.

                      After reading about the owner, I expected the whole process to be rather painful, with the sandwich as the reward. It wasn't! All I got was "are you buying her lunch" referring to my friend behind me. We were surprised though when the lady behind us didn't have cash and the owner told her to catch him next time, rather than run to an atm. She already had her food, and would have put a monkey wrench in the factory line, I guess. But that's not the type of remark I expected having read the service reviews. No attitude or anything - just matter of fact.

                      Salumi's next. Oh, and since I can take the buses, that opens up a lot of possibilities.

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                        sounds like you're mainly interested in cold sandwiches-- try the BLT at 94 Stewart if it's not too far to walk (PS they're on vacation next week i believe)

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                          I'll give them a try - I saw your rec for them in a sandwich post. I'm not mainly interested in cold sandwiches though - I like hot, particularly on these cold rainy days. I was going to try Salumi's meatball one of these times. I'm also a big fan of chicken or eggplant parm. Had a really good warm chicken sandwich at baguette box when I first came to downtown for a conference about a year ago.

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                            if you're in the mood for hot sandwiches, there's always the sandwiches at Matt's (esp. the cornmeal catfish) or Steelhead Diner (haven't been in a while, but the roasted pork and the burger used to be pretty good)

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                              Catfish sandwich and a cup of soup. mmmm

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                              Baguette Box will do free delivery in downtown with minimum of 4 orders....they have an expanded take out menu that include salads as well as sandwiches, and orders include my favorite banana cake (but it must not be warm and as good as on-site at Monsoon!). I've had the chorizo which is pretty good.

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                                I wouldn't recommend this (Baguette Box delivery). They take a cab to your location for delivery, so depending how long one takes to arrive, the food has a tendency to arrive cold. My office is only 4 blocks from them, so we tried it for work meetings several times, but everyone was always disappointed. Dine in only.

                              2. re: sasha1

                                I remember now, Matt's had a great eggplant san

                  2. with the bus tunnel open again ..the ID should be easy to get to for lunch and the list of great, cheap eats has been discussed here many times!

                    1. I haven't gotten out much! The only additional place I've tried so far is Specialty's Bakery. The sandwich I had (mozzarella and tomato) was tasty, and generous. A little heavy on the bread vs fillings ratio, but the bread was fresh baked and still warm. Foccacia that was crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle. Really good. I tried a little quiche muffin that was pretty good, but obscenely expensive. Over $3 for something that is 1/3 the size of an ordinary breakfast muffin. The cookies are good too, if you like overindulgent large ones, that are only partly cooked in the middle. By the end of it, I was on sugar overload.

                      I can't wait to try Bakeman's and Salumi. I've already found the bus routes. Thanks everyone.

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                        o'asian is great dim sum. might be a little more spendy than you prefer for lunch, but it is only about 2 blocks from the library.

                      2. I found a nice spot that doesn't look so hot from the outside, and bears the unfortunate name "Harried and Hungry." It's on 3rd, next to Bruno's (near Benaroya). Homemade sandwiches, daily soups, small/delectable pizzas. Very efficient, friendly, cheap.

                        There's a little coffee place near you on 4th - cafe Migliore -- mid block across from the Olympic. They do nice panini and the cafe is lovely.

                        Share your finds - I'm new in the same neighborhood.

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                        1. re: tbilisi

                          I tried this place for the first time today and was really disappointed. I got their combo of a small pizza with a cup of soup. The pizza was described as: pear, goat cheese, caramelized hazelnuts and mozzarella on an olive oil base. First of all, those were walnuts and second, it wasn't just the hazelnuts that tasted caramelized, but the whole pizza - it was soaked in this sugary liquid that tasted like concentrated sugar syrup or watered down honey. The crust was sticky from sweetness. I wanted something savory for lunch, and try to avoid a lot of sweet foods when I'm sick (which I am) and here I had this sugar coated pizza.

                          The soup, which they don't make there, was described as a "wild grain mushroom soup." It was mostly liquid with a few solid things floating in there. There was precicely one slice of mushroom in the cup of soup, and maybe 1-2 tablespoons of what tasted like a commercial rice pilaf mixture. There were a few bits of vegetable that tasted like reconstituted vegetable bits (a few red pepper, a few pieces of carrot). The rest of the liquid tasted like an overly salty generic vegetable broth.

                          I'm not usually down on places, but this left a bad taste in my mouth (literally). On the bright side, the salads I saw coming out looked nice, and they said something about trying to expand their own kitchen so they could make their own soups and some other things.

                          1. re: seattledebs

                            They definitely shine in the sandwich department, so I'd stick with those.

                            1. re: seattledebs

                              Ick, especially when you're feeling sick.
                              I happened to be there today, too, and saw/heard they were having some supply issues (greens, bread). But happy with my usual, the house salad and tomato/basil soup.
                              For pizza, I liked the Greco. Just starting to work through sandwiches, with the Salami Provolone scoring a hit (big enough for a second day's lunch)

                            2. re: tbilisi

                              I tried Harried and Hungry today - got a reuben on suggestions that I stick to the sandwiches. This place is busy! Also, at $6.75, the sandwich isn't what I'd call cheap. The quality was good though. Really fresh pastrami, perfect amount of saurkraut, cheese and dressing. But there was so much bread! Very thick cut, and probably enough for two sandwiches. I ate mine open-faced.

                              1. re: sasha1

                                i would suggest the BLT or lamb burger at 94 Stewart...but sounds like you're looking for sandwiches under $6 or so, which these are not...nor the sandwiches at Matt's or Steelhead

                            3. There is a Oaxacan place, whose name I can't remember--the something of Oaxaca? Taste, maybe? Anyways, it is about one block west of bakeman's. It's no La Carta de Oaxaca, but it is quite good if you are looking for something a little different. Reasonable prices and enormous portions. Also the sweetest little lady running it. Making her tortillas while she talks to you, if you aren't there during the lunch rush.

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                                217 James St is address of El Sabor De Oaxaca, which must be it. For orientation, Bakeman's is at 122 Cherry, a block North.

                                1. re: mrnelso

                                  Yes, that's it. Sorry, its been a while since I worked downtown...

                              2. If you can make it to ID try Green Leaf, Canton Wonton Noodle House, Szechuan Noodle House, Szechuan Chinese Restaurant, Takahachi and Yummy House Bakery for dessert.

                                1. I was impressed by Okinawa Teriyaki, under the viaduct at Alaskan Way and Madison. I tried alot of things since I accidentally ordered the special, which included chicken teriyaki, fried gyoza, pork katsu, salad and shrimp tempura. Except for the tempura, all was quite good and well above standard teriyaki house fare. The digs are well-worn: a smoke-filled old diner with ripped upholstery.