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Oct 10, 2007 11:13 AM

breakfast in D.C.

My wife and I are having a child-free weekend in D.C. I have our evening restaurant plans (Sonoma and Restaurant Eve, thanks all!), but I need 2 breakfast places. We're staying at the Hyatt near the Mall, but we'd be willing to drive a bit. I'd like at least one of those breakfast places to be the kind of place that we can get mimosas and/or good chocolate. I.e. I'd like at least one of them to be a little outrageous.

Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Seems like the drag brunch at Perry's, in Adams Morgan, would be outrageous by definition. I haven't been, but hear good things (though I don't like their food for dinner).

    Think about going to Eastern Market, if it's your style -- that would be the opposite of fancy, but good good.

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    1. re: mselectra

      Perry's drag brunch loses on both the drag component (very amateurish) and the food, which at brunch is expensive for what you get - basically a buffet of not-very-interesting options. Skip it. What about Hotel Monaco? Or Tabard Inn?

      1. re: dcandohio

        Thanks for the Perry's info -- I'm not really surprised, since the food (well, the sushi) I've had there was so bad. But I have gotten some fairly trustworthy positive reviews of the brunch from friends, so thought I'd throw it out there.

        I really wouldn't go to Tabard Inn. I had such a bad service experience there, with out-of-town guests, for brunch (really bad). I know it's not always like that and can be lovely, but for a one-shot special occasion, I just wouldn't risk it, myself.

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          I actually prefer Tabard Inn for dinner vs brunch. While the scenary is always appreciated, the service during brunch isn't that great because it's usually so insanly crowded. I just find the service and food better for dinner

    2. Not outrageous....but my favorite place(s) in town for breakfast is still Teaism. You have one branch not terribly far from your hotel, at 8th and D NW. Cilantro scrambled eggs, or oh-so-bad for your French toast, side of chicken-apple sausauge, and a chai - now that's a good way to get your day started. Eastern Market suggestion is also right on.

      Leave the car in the garage!

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      1. re: Geoff

        Right, absolutely no reason at all to drive anywhere within DC, just don't do it. Use public transp or cabs, and if you're up for walking, it's a great city for it.

        I love, really love, the chai at Teaism (it's spicey, not just sweet) -- which you can get all day, not just b'fast. If you do consider it for b'fast, keep in mind they serve no coffee, which matters a lot to some. It *might* be a better stop for a midafternoon break, especially if you're doing the Mall.

        1. re: mselectra

          ......and if you take the midafternoon option, which I highly endorse (even if you eat breakfast there! :-)), don't forget the ginger scones and/or salty oat cookies. These are, IMO, legal crack.

      2. These might not be near your hotel but Bistro Bis does an amazing brunch I am sure they have mimosas as I have had them, and probably have chocolate, but you could check the website for this, and I also recommend Eastern Market for fun and some more casual breakfast.

        Georgia Brown's has an amazing number of desserts for their brunch and I am more than sure they have chocolate and mimosas. But it tends to be a little busy and loud.

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        1. re: ktmoomau

          Bistro Bis is such a good idea, seems like the elegance you may be looking for -- not sure why I spaced on that!

          This could be quite a delicious weekend!

        2. My favorite spot for a weekend breakfast/brunch is Bistro Bis up on Capitol Hill. They have a great 3-course brunch for a cheapish price. Champagne and dessert are available. And if the weather is nice outside they have a few tables on a small patio outside. Bis is only a few blocks away from Union Station Metro (red line). The food has some classic french choices and others with more modern interpretations...great food.

          For something a little more out there you might want to check out Cafe Atlantico's Latin dim sum brunch. It served tapas style with some delicious and inventive dishes. They also have some pretty fun drinks to choose from.

          Also in the Penn Quarter/Chinatown area there is Poste which has a pretty good brunch. Nothing too crazy but solidly good, with a great bloody mary.

          I also enjoy Bourbon in Adams Morgan for a yummy brunch. I haven't been in awhile but their french toast in particular was very good when I had it a couple of months ago. They also have an outdoor porch if the weather is nice.

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          1. re: Elyssa

            I like the Cafe Atlantico idea, too.

            Do you all know anything about Bistro Bis's weekday breakfast, as opposed to their weekend brunch? I don't see a separate breakfast menu on the website. No big deal, this thread just reminded me that I'd wondered about it.

            1. re: mselectra

              I don't know that they do weekday breakfast. Although they might since they service the hotel?

          2. I'm a big fan of the breakfast at Mandarin Oriental -- Cafe Mozu, not CityZen. Great Illy coffee and lots of breakfast selections. I've had the bento box breakfast and the egg white omelet. There's nothing bad on the menu.