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Oct 10, 2007 10:59 AM

Dining in JoCo, OP?

Bmore hounds coming to KC to visit mom; I lived there for a long time but that was a LONG time ago & now don't get back but once/year. She lives in Lenexa. Have been to the Thai Place which I don't remember where it was but think I could find it again, it was worth it!

Other places I've gleaned from this board: La Cocina Puerco, 40Sardines, Cassis, Yia Yia's (what a name, but we went a few years ago & had a great dinner).

Anything else not to be missed? We all love a good Margarita. Will of course go for que, probably Hayward's; mom also likes Zarda & it's nearby. Sushi is a non-starter, also probably Indian in that category, don't really care about breakfast.

If we head into KC, Bluebird? Lidia's?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would skip Haywards, I don't think that it as good as it used to be. Try Oklahoma Joe's or Jack Stack in my opinion.

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      agreed on the Haywards. Try the new Smokehouse BBQ located at 135th/ Metcalf. I'm also a fan of Bates City BBQ located in Shawnee, right across from the Police Station (just north of 67th/ Quivira). You won't be disappointed.

    2. Panzon's (Mexican) is always crowded and it is on 87th St in Lenexa

      1. Thai Place is on 87th and Grant in that little shopping center...Bluestem and Blue Koi in Westport are great and Westport Flea Market if you want a great burger!

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        1. re: dodgerfoodie

          There is another Thai Place at 119th/ Quivira.

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            Goodness, I believe there's a Wai Wai Thai Place Express down on 8351 West 135th Street too, I keep seeing coupons and ads for it, but haven't made it down there yet:

            1. re: vsoy

              It's pretty good, and they were extremely nice. There was some confusion on what we thought we had ordered, and they offered the dish they thought we had ordered for free.

        2. On 119th near the Sprint offices is Artisian Francais bakery, Great stuff even for breakfast. They do sellout so don't go too late.
          Sushi Haru on Stateline down around 120something. Try the crispy rice sushi.

          Bluestem by all means. If you don't want a full dinner, you can order tapas like plates in the wine lounge.

          Room 39 has opened a new place down in OP, check it out for lunch.

          Oh, and Bellapizza on Baltimore in the Crossroads, Great wood fired oven pizzas. Better I think than Spin out in OP.

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          1. re: tiomano

            Even if you just go for a little mid-afternoon treat, Artisian Grancais bakery is good. I love their desserts! I don't think they are open very late, though.

          2. I hear the new OneBite pan asian restaurant in OP is excellent. There is also a new Brazilian steakhouse at approx. 119th/ Blue Valley Parkway. I've heard it's excellent. Try the Bonefish Grill if you're looking for decent seafood. 135th/ Roe.

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            1. re: FergMePleez

              I definitely second the rec of One Bite. I didn't understand what you (bkath, OP)meant by "sushi is a non starter" but this isn't a sushi place, anyway. I wouldn't describe it as pan asian, either, so please don't expect touches of Thai, Vietnamese, Korean or Indian along with your Japanese food. It's an izakaya, the equivalent of tapas or little plates, but I don't find the servings particularly little, and many dishes are served entree style. It is largely limited to grilled and fried items, but there's a good variety. The food is all homemade, and her recipes are great. I've been trying to guess some of her secret ingredients, without luck yet. The restaurant is small but I've never waited long for a table, and only then on Friday or Saturday night. Service is outstanding.