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Oct 10, 2007 10:57 AM

A potential SoBe eating adventure

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

My sister is a travel agent specializing in group travel. She has a group of about 25 people coming to stay in SoBe in June for a few nights. They want her to set up a couple of dinners for them, at some "typically Miami or typically Florida" restaurants - in other words, no chain garbage. She would like to find a place to pre-book and pay for, looking to spend $50 per person or less (alcohol not included).

This is a travel and tourism class from a Midwestern college. These folks are REALLY adventurous.

Will be staying at 7th and Ocean, so something within walking distance may be best.

Where do you think they could go?

This message will self destruct.

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  1. herbage>

    Tap Tap is a quick walk from there. So is Sunday brunch at Nemo $29pp - best in town.

    819 5th St
    Miami Beach, FL 33139
    (305) 672-2898
    100 Collins Avenue
    Miami Beach, Florida 33139
    305.532.4550 ยท 305.532.4187


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    1. re: advisor_Girl

      Not sure nemo's beats the Ritz for brunch btw...haven't been since they have changed it and it is supposedly better than even the one in key biscayne now...If you like mimosas and champagne Ritz definitely trumps nemo as the drinks are free. It is $65pp though.

      El Chalan
      David's Cafe
      Liberty Cafe - would be good if they can accomodate which I have my doubts...
      I never tried Baires but heard it was good - more likely to accomodate your group...

      If you want to do a littler fancier one night you can try China Grille or Tuscan. Social on a saturday might also be an option. These will push your budget to the limit.

      I would also pick Joes Stone Crabs but I don't think it works in your budget - though it can...

    2. Joe's will be closed in June errrr, no they may not be come to think of it. They will not be offering their signature Stone Crabs, they should be open though, if next Summer is like this Summer.

      I agree with TP, CHina Grill or Tuscan should be happy to do a 50pp deal for you in June. Heck they do a nice 35pp 3 course meal deal throughout August and September already. And June is even slower + they are corporate run and may be easy to deal with from a travel agents point of view? It's a 2 minute walk from where they'll be staying. China Grill who you need to contact. I would also have her contact Taverna OPA for the other night, 1st and Ocean Drive. They do a 35pp deal that will blow them away...Greek style!

      Good luck.