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Oct 10, 2007 10:52 AM

Northern California Mail Order Holiday Gifts

I'm looking for great holiday gifts that we can send to out of town friends and family and would love to get some suggestions of Northern California products that can be orderred on the internet and shipped throughout the country.

In the past we've done things like McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil, Cowgirl Creamery Cheese, Frog Hollow conserves, and wine from Porthos.

What are your favorites?

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  1. Kozlowski Farms does gorgeous gift baskets. They ship nationwide, and you can customize your gift baskets with Kozlowski Farms products and other local products that their store carries. Orders can be done on the internet or over the phone, but it also makes a nice day trip, as the farm is located right in the heart of the Russian River Valley.....good wine tasting and you can sample all of Kozlowski's products at the farm.

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      I second Kozlowski Farms. I love their Chocolate Raspberry Sauce and every time we're up there we treat ourselves to the fresh fruit tarts. Yum!

      1. What about Rancho Gordo? All sorts of beans, chiles, etc. and the popcorn is some of the best popcorn I've ever had (and so pretty -- bright red, would be a lovely Christmas gift):

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          I think I'm going to borrow the popcorn idea. Did it really pop well? Its would be a good gift with something green. (But what?) I think I'll get some New Mexican chile powder for myself while I'm at it. Thanks!

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            It popped REALLY well, and the popped kernels were pure white, with a dark core, really pretty! I got it at their stand at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market.

        2. We like:

          Da Vero olive oils, wines, jams and other food products

          Vella Cheese

          C J Olson cherries, dried fruit, other food products

          Andy's Orchard stone fruit, dried fruit, jams, etc.

          Fra'Mani Salumi -- wonderful stuff!!

          Robert Lambert artisan food products -- chocolate sauces, jams, preserved fruits, fruitcakes

          Point Reyes Cheese -- blue cheese, preserved vegetables, relishes, dips

          Willie Bird Turkeys and smoked poultry

          1. As we're getting to the heart of the season, I thought I would bump this to see if anyone else has any other great ideas.

            Happy Holidays!