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Oct 10, 2007 10:48 AM

Brick Oven Pizza on Canton Square

They just opened a new Brick Oven Pizza place called Py on Canton Square (Next to Vacarros). Anyone tried it yet?

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  1. It is an Italian family owned pizzeria specializing in brickoven gourmet pizza. I just got off the phone with them and they are planning to open tonight! 10-25-07

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      I tried it opening night. It's very good. The slices are gigantic - one slice is a quarter of a pie. The crust is thin. They only use fresh mozz. on the pies. I think this is going to be a popular place.

    2. We called on Sunday(10-28) night in hopes of trying it and they told us they had run out of pizza! So I guess alot of people were curious

      1. We got calzones last night at PY and they were quite tasty. I originally thought they were a bit small, but it ended up being just what I needed. We did a walk in, but I think I would call ahead the next time so we wouldn't have to wait. They seemed a bit disorganized in the store (just stool/counter seating - no place to sit and eat there really).

        A couple came in who had ordered a pizza and from the sounds of it, they didn't have the topping, so someone called them back to find out what they would want to substitute, but then the message never got passed along to the pizza maker. So it wasn't ready when they got there, but the young fellow running the show did exactly what he should have - admitted the mix-up and offered them the pizza for free if they waited the 10/15 minutes to have it made. They took him up on the free pizza.

        They did have 3 pizzas by the slice - maybe to cater to the after-bar crowd. They look to be open until 3 AM on Thursday, Friday and Saturday

        2917 Odonnell St, Baltimore, MD 21224

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          Undoubtedly.... the worst pizza at times. First time I had it, it was great. The second time my white py had old bay sprinkled all over it!!!!!??? what the @#$@#$?

          Who puts old bay on a white pizza and when you call to complain they have to call the owner who makes excuses about how they do this or that with the menu... terrible.

          Save your money and effort and go to Iggies. The pizza is never ever a dissapointment. I wish they delivered.

          Py is probably the worst pizza attempt in baltiimore ever. Great one day, horror story the next. And who puts cherry tomatoes on a pizza?? Watch out for that margarita pizza.

          If you live in Fells Point the only pizza ytou really should eat is Brick Oven Pizza which is inconsistent too but not as bad... or Isabella's in Little Italy... The only thing in Little Italy worth anything.

          1. re: RobertG35

            i thought Py had great pizzas, though service/speed was hurting in recent months. so what if they chose to put OB on their white pizza (sounds tasty) or cherry tomatos on their pizza margherita (Thirsty Dog does it, plus it's truer to style than using tomato saude)? either way, you don't have to worry about suffering through on of their pizza's again. Py appears to be closed for good.

            1. re: davestar

              Did they put a sign up or something?

            2. re: RobertG35

              RobertG35, Care to comment on anything else? My personal fav in Fells is Hot Tomato

          2. Great pizza. I hope this place does well. I'd imagine it will divert the late-night pizza crowd from Nacho Mama's.

            1. I had their pizza on saturday (11-03-07). It was really good. We had a slight problem with them being out of some of their toppings, but we chalked it up to them just opening. The fresh moz was a welcome site and the sauce actually tasted like tomatoes. they're open until 3 and they deliver which is how I got it. I hope they'll be around for a while. Pizza sucks in canton.