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Oct 10, 2007 10:46 AM

Momoya on UWS?

This place opened recently on Amsterdam between 80th & 81st. Does anyone have any input?

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  1. its pretty reasonably priced, and feels like you are eating in Chelsea and not a sushi bar in the UWS. Going there for the atmosphere is worth it. The sushi is good, but I like Matsu (83 and columbus) better from a fish point of view. But it was real fun to eat at Momoya and the service was excellent, too.

    1. The pros: The decor is beautiful. The space is well designed to make the most of the narrow space, featuring an expansive curved ceiling (a little reminiscent of Jewel Bako's) made out of uneven pieces of wood that jut out from the wall. There's a small open kitchen area. Service is slow, but very nice.

      The cons: The food is really only mediocre. We had nigiri a la carte (white tuna, tuna, yellowtail, Spanish mackerel, fluke), tempura, udon, the "tofu chop" (lightly fried slabs of tofu covered with a sweet, soy-sauce--based syrupy substance, mushrooms and chives), orange coconut creme brulee, and one glass of sochu.

      The fish was fibrous and stringy, not prime cuts of fish at all, despite the fact that a la carte prices were comparable to Yasuda's. Cuts were sized like Yama's -- i.e. they were twice as large as they should have been. (Upside: nigiri was served with a perfect-sized dab of wasabi.) Tempura was soggy, not light and crisp. The tofu chop was standard and too sweet.

      The creme brulee was torched just prior to serving. Given that some restaurants apparently fudge this step, nowadays, I thought it a nice touch.

      Price for two: about $100, including tip.

      Verdict: don't go out of your way for the food. If you're in the neighborhood, anyway, do stop in to get an eyeful of the digs.

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        same quality as Haru next door....their delivery is pretty fast

      2. This place is the absolute worst sushi place I have been to.. Granted I have been to some of the best New York has to offer but, I have also been to All You Can Eat Chinese Buffets in New Jersey that happen to have a small sushi selection...

        The place has a very modern sleek look. The design of the restaurant feels more downtown but, I welcome it to the neighborhood.. I was really hoping to have a hipper place in the hood.. Unfortunately, the design seems to be the only area where attention has been payed..

        Dinner was 154 dollars and I felt cheated leaving.. From the quality of the sushi, to the way the "chefs" cut the fish, it was a disgrace.. Scallop sashimi was not trimmed of the abductor muscle.. A plate of kampachi appetizer appeared to be more teared then sliced.. Ragged pieces of fish were almost thrown around the plate..

        We ordered a roll with shrimp and the rice was completely stuffed in. The rice, not seasoned well, a little mushy, it was so disproportionate to the amount of fish.. It came with a sweet and sour dipping sauce! Oshinko rolls came unclosed and fell apart... Dried out edges of fish were not trimmed..

        The pieces were cut in such a strange way, almost in a diamond shape with a long thin tail.. Again sushi rice was poor, nothing besides a weak average quality wasabi haphazardly smeared on the bottom..

        I was expecting to see a bunch of Irish chefs behind the sushi bar on my way out.. I couldnt believe they were Japanese, certainly not properly trained..

        For 154 bucks I could have went to Gari or Haru or anywhere.. You are paying for the atmosphere.