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Search for the best Pork Belly in Manhattan!

So, pork belly seems to be a popular item on the menu these days---a win win for both the chef and diner, really, since it's one of the cheapest parts of the poor pig, and one of the tastiest for the consumer (if you're not fat, overweight, or already have a serious cholesterol problem). I've seen and eaten it 3 times over the last fortnight at Momofuku Ssam Bar (pork buns), Fatty Crab (pork buns), and Perilla (grilled in oven till crispy...wonderful!)

I am in a pork belly trance and am on my quest to find more variations of the dish. Obscure, random, topic, I know...but I figure if there's any place to ask, it's here.

I like to eats.

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  1. Urena used to have these ravioli's wrapped in pork belly fat instead of pasta. They were a special item that I don't think was ever on the menu but they were AMAZING.

    If any chowchefs are reading this, pleeeeease open a restaurant and serve this on your menu and invite me to the debut.

    1. Blaue Gans has a good version.

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        i had it the other night...watch out for some bones...they left them in.

        it was a pretty heavy dish but pretty good.

      2. wd~50, Jean-Georges (special), Daniel, Cafe Gray, ad infinitum.

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          Jean-Georges serves pork belly (talk about MARGINS on their dishes)? How did I miss this? Is this in the formal dining room or at Nougatine? Please divulge!

          I like to eats.

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            I had it for lunch in the Nougatine room and I've only seen it on the menu once or twice, and I eat there fairly regularly...but when its there, its delicious.


        2. braised pork belly at Bao Noodles

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            yum - was there this past weekend for it.

            I'd add - Prok belly at the Modern dining room, Wallse, Minca (toroniku ramen), pork belly on skewer with miso or mustard at yakitori Totto

            Also, you need to go back to fatty crab for their pork belly and watermelon pickle salad. It's sooooooooo good.

          2. or try fresh grilled sliced pork belly on an open fire at one of the korean restaurants in nyc.

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              i second that notion. grilled pork belly dipped in salt and sesame oil, paired with soju, is delicious beyond words.

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                any specific place you can recommend? that sounds so amazing!

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                  Woo ri jip on 32nd street have it.

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                Monica, I have many times before--also in Chinese dishes where Pork Belly is very popular--but to be honest anything fatty grilled over those barbecues starts to taste the same (bulgoki, kalbi, etc). Any western perspectives on pork belly experiences?

                I like to eats.

              3. Bar none...the Spicy Twice Cooked Pork at Grand Sichuan (I prefer the 24th/9th location). Make sure you get it fatty (ie, with pork belly).

                Sooo good.

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                  Yeah I've had that dish at the one in St. Marks and it is indeed very tasty.

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                    In addition to the double cooked pork, they also make a nice red-braised pork belly at the St. Marks location.

                  2. I had it at Hearth for the first time maybe two years ago, and it was incredible

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                        I second Degustation. Mercat's is geat too. When I say great, I mean crave-worthy.

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                          I was going to mention Mercat too. Decadently good, and I even liked the asparagus that came with it (and I usually don't like asparagus). It was just $17 for a portion big enough to share.

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                            Mercat...mmm, will definitely have to check this one out. Thanks for the tips, guys!

                            I like to eats.

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                              mercat's version is pretty good, i had a good version at veritas a couple months ago

                              i think some other people mentioned it, you need to try dong po pork (dong po rou) at a shanghainese restaurant...although you need to go to flushing (none of the places in ctown make it right); it literally melts in your mouth

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                                Fantastic! This is a whole lot of Pork Belly to digest, people, and if I heed all your advice I will not live to see the light of day tomorrow. Thank you for all the great tips!

                                You like to eats?

                      2. Two nights ago I had a grilled japanese version at Hagi. You can also get it yakitori style or over rice with pickled veggies. It was soo delicious.

                        Last night I had the tasting menu at Blue Hill and one of the dishes had a small piece of pork belly addition to the loin.

                        Shanghai cafe on Mott street has it but its not on the menu. For under ten bucks you get a huge chunk of it. Its called dong po dish.

                        My dad makes it the best for me.

                        1. Tailor does a very good version with, I believe, miso butterscotch. Yum!

                          1. How about pork belly made according to a thousand year old recipe first described in a poem written in the 12th century? A big slab for $6!!!!!


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                              its 8.95 in shanghai cafe if thats what your referring to?

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                                Yeah, it's been a while since I ordered it.(and it used to be higher even then) It used to be on the Chinese menu only, but you can ask for it. they know dongpo.

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                                  Indeed they do! I also love the preserved ones (lop yook) but this is more for home cooking because the public don't generally like this peasantry sort of item. I would add a few pieces to my rice cooker or casserole rice at home. It gives it a nice flavor.

                            2. Yeah Shanghai on Bayard.

                              1. The braised Berkshire pork belly at Momofuku Noodle Bar is good. Goes well with the crispy tails.

                                1. i love the braised pork belly at sakagura and thin slices korean bbq at sheilla.

                                  1. Kampuchea has their own version of crispy pork belly, which I found it pretty good and intriguing with the use of cider vinegar to cut through the fat of the dish.

                                    Here's my post on my meal there:

                                    1. Saturday night we tried Harold's crispy pork belly at Perilla. I don't think ther's a better preparation around. In fact the entire meal exceeded expectations.

                                      1. I found three more, though I haven't tried them.

                                        Balthazar, braised pork belly $22 ($18 at lunch)

                                        Bar Room at the Mndern $15 (small portion)

                                        Fatty Crab, pork belly and watermelon salad $10

                                        1. I had the best pork belly of my life last week at Eleven Madison Park. In fact, it was a Top Five meal from start to finish. Run there, and then run back home afterward to burn off the calories.

                                          1. Get thee to Ippudo!!! Their pork belly buns are the best around!