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Oct 10, 2007 10:41 AM

New London NH, anything?

Spending the weekend in New London, NH and wondering if there's anything worth discovering in this tiny town.

I checked an old blog, but it looked outdated. We'll be travelling a bunch during the weekend, so any suggestions within a 10 to 15 minute drive or less would be much appreciated.

Hoping to find something other than pizza in this college town!

Thanks in advance for any help you can lend.

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  1. If your looking for a nice dinner, try the Inn on (at?) Pleasant Lake. They offer a four course prix fix dinner. The Chef comes out and explains each course. Reservations needed. Went last year and the food was fabulous. I had rack of lamb cooked to perfection. If you google Inn on Pleasant Lake, you should find their web site.

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      There's always Peter Christian's but we haven't been in a long time. Some people head to Warner NH for breakfast at The Foothills but expect a long line if you aren't early. There's also a breakfast/lunch place in Andover that's popular with locals. It's near the gas station. (small town, it's about the only restaurant). Since you're traveling around, maybe 1/2 hour drive to Franklin NH there's a great Thai restaurant on Main St next to the Opera House. It looks like a hole in the wall but we find food as good as Siam Orchid in Concord. If you're traveling to the south/west, we like Daniel's in Henniker (another college town) right on the river. In Hillsboro, Tooky Mills looks like a dive but the food is great. Very small so expect a wait unless you're early. Interesting German bakery also in Hillsboro. Lots of pretty scenery in Center Hillsboro/Washington NH but no restaurants in that area. If you go south on Rt 4 to Boscawen NH there's a new barbecue place Smokeshack. Started off as a drive in but I think they have indoor seating now. Probably 30-35 minute drive. They still cater on the NASCAR circuit.

    2. The Millstone isn't bad, and they have a good wine selection. Absolutely ZERO vegetarian entrees, but the chef made something special for us without hesitation. There's a place right on route 4 called the Colonial Inn (I think) and I've had good food there. The breakfast place someone mentioned is Blackwater Bill's, next door to the Kearsarge Mini Mart. Good if you like diner food (and I do!)