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Oct 10, 2007 10:37 AM

soup bones

I'm looking for the best place to get soup bones in Seattle. I buy most of my meat from Skagit River Ranch, but they aren't always timely about responding to emails about making sure they will have something at the farmers market. Any more reliable place to find them would be great.

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  1. i have found frozen beef bones at both Whole Foods and Madison Market ... my guess is that both have fresh if you ask.

    1. I got my soup bones at the Ballard Sunday market from Olsen farms. They usually have a great selection of bones including marrow bones, oxtail, etc. When I asked the seller, she said they also go to the U-District market and will probably be around until at least Thanksgiving. I've always had great product from them.

      1. Many of the Korean or Chinese Markets have a good selection of soup bones.

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          A&J Meats on Queen Anne will have almost anything you want if you call ahead. Also Met Market carries Snake River meats, so may have some tasty bones lying around.