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Oct 10, 2007 10:36 AM

Mezze Bar @ Boston Kebab House

Boston Kebab House is my new favorite place for a healthy lunch in the financial district. In the past I have gone to Sultan's Kitchen for turkish food. But I got really turned off by a couple of experiences where the food was lacking flavor and just didnt taste fresh ( the sultan's salad with mushy brown cucumbers, yuck!) . Today on a whim I stopped into Boston Kebab House and was elated to see a mezze bar of my dreams. It was huge; so many choices and everything looked delicious. One of my problems with the mezze plate at Sultan's was that half of the offerings were soupy bean or lentil salads which I never ate. With the mezze bar, I love being able to control what and how much i get of each thing. Today, I had a wonderful herbed tuna salad (no mayo), delicious couscous, artichoke salad, cold sauteed spinach with pine nuts, the cucumber tomato and pepper salad, falafal, a dolomite, and 2 artichoke fritters with hummus and a yogurt dip. It was very flavorful,very fresh, and very healthy. For a heaping plate of deliciousness, it was about 8.50. They were also giving away dollar off coupons you can use within the next two days. I am very glad to have found this new lunch option.

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  1. Thanks. With the long lines at Boloco and the flies buzzing above the sandwich area at (I won't say the name but a hint is brit pop group "Belle and __________'s"), I walked by there on the way to trusty Al's. I will definitely give it a whirl.

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      The newer Sebastian's on High Street seems a bit nicer and cleaner than the others (maybe because it's the baby of the bunch). But I still swear by their salads, can't find better ingredients during the lunch hour in the area.

    2. Can I ask what's up with the mayo in the babganoush though?? Makes me sad. Glad to hear you had a good experience there though. Was my old standby for awhile, but then everything seemed to go downhill a bit and as a result, haven't been there in awhile. Will have to give it another whirl.

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        I didnt get the baba...I like sebastians and haven't noticed that the one on devonshire is all that dirty, but i have unfortunately taken more than a few bites of rotten tasting salad greens. i go through phases and totally wear out places until i somehow get grossed out by them. I was in a major au bon pain soup phase for a while, until i had some pumpkin bisque that had gelatinous chunks in it. I think it just hadn't been stirred enough, but that was enough to keep me away for a couple of months.

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          I have encountered brown lettuce at the B&S on Devonshire as well. It seems to have gone downhill a bit of late.

      2. i was also thrilled to see the mezze bar! have been at least 2x a week for the last few weeks! i feel the same say about controlling which items i choose and how much, unlike at sultans. the only thing i like better at sultans is the iskender plate. also, the kebab house is open late for dinner- nice option when a lot of the financial district restaurants are closed.

        1. Sounds fantastic. What's a dolomite? I'm not familiar with that one.

          1. hahahahaha.... i meant to say dolmades, grape leaves stuffed with rice.... no they do not have an italian mountain range at boston kebab house.