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Oct 10, 2007 10:24 AM

what to order at Addis Red Sea?

There are really only a few foods that I really don't like and unfortunately, Ethiopian food is high on the list (along with fresh parsley leaves and robiola - ick). Part of the issue is that I feel like I can cook equally well at home (I mean, it's lentils for crying out loud!) and I find injera just completely gross. But I've got a dinner at Addis coming up soon and no, there is no way to change the venue.

Will you tell me your standout dishes so I at least can give it one more try?

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  1. I haven't been in a while, but some dishes that I liked were the sambusas (but then I like anything in pastry), kitfo (Ethiopian 'steak tartare' with spices and warm butter), Yasa Wot (fish in spicy red pepper sauce), and tikle gomen (cabbage).

    1. On that note...If I may...I LOVE Etheopian, so if there are places out there that are way better than Adis, can we get some recs? while on topic....

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        I second SmartChow's rec for Fasika, which I like also.

        Link to an earlier chowhound dinner:

        Fasika on a cold night

        147 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145

      2. I greatly enjoy Ethiopian and second Rubee's post.
        I really like Fasika in East Somerville where you can order the veg. or non-veg. platter that comes with their major specialties. I tried and liked both immensely. Cheaper than Addis too.

        1. Personally, my favorite is the kitfo, the raw version. It's really got a spicy kick to it, though, so if you don't do hot spicy things, you might not like it. I also like the Collard Greens (don't ask me the name of these dishes, I don't remember) and the mixed vegetable/potato stew. Also, the Wot stews, the chicken and the beef are very tasty. I don't care for the ground chickpea dish or the lentils, as I find them dry and taste-free.

          If you like, you should also try the Ethiopian Harrar beer, especially the dark one, which is delicious.

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            Visited Fasika last night and thought it was delicious and very reasonably priced. One thing to note is that it is cash only. Luckily we had enough cash to cover dinner. Ordered the combo special for two which included 3 meat and 4 veggie options. We did chicken, beef and lamb and the 4 veggie dishes (2 lentils, one cabbage/potato and something else). Everything was very tasty. The portions were ample, we were stuffed and unable to finish everything.

            The honey wine (sweet) was delicious as was the red semi-sweet wine. We finished with coffees and the coffee service was beautiful. Very like a Turkish coffee.

            We'll definitely go back whenever we're in the area.

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              I'm obsessed with kitfo, and I think they do a good job with it there. Lots of butter and cardamom and Ethiopian dried chile powders.

              I often get that to share, then order a Veggie Combo, with the Cabbage, the Collards, then two of the options from the lentils/split pea options.

              ALSO: Incidentaly, I prefer Addis to Fasika, though neither compares favorably to some of the great holes-in-the-wall in Morningside Heights in NYC!

              And I don't remember my experience at Asmara in Central Square clearly enough to judge...