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Oct 10, 2007 10:22 AM

Citronelle tasting menu and wine pairings

I have reservations for Citronelle in a few weeks and am thinking of going with one of the tasting menus. I'm trying to decide whether or not to get the wine pairings or to go with the wine list. Has anyone been there recently and can report what are the wine pairings? I tried to call them for a copy of the menu but no luck.

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  1. The wine pairings are on our website at:
    Click on "cuisine" and click the links for Promenade Gourmande and La Grande Degustation. The wines are listed under their courses.


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    1. re: MSommelier

      Thanks for the information, Mark. I saw the menu and wine pairings on the website but I wasn't sure if either was the current menu. I have a question though - are the pairings fixed or are you open to discussing different pairings prior to the meal?

      1. re: vanewbie

        I'm not sure what you mean. The menus are available without the tastings, too, so you can order a few glasses of wines you want instead.

        Mark Slater
        Sommelier, Michel Richard Citronelle

    2. I often prefer to buy a bottle rather than the pairings but that's just me. Oftentimes, the pairings will introduce you to new wines that you may never have tried otherwise. I have found several new wines that way. Citronelle has an exceptional sommelier so I am sure his choices would be outstanding.

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      1. re: Dakota Guy

        Uh yeah, for those who didn't make the connection, Citronelle's Sommelier is Mark Slater, who was the first respose to this thread (MSommelier).

        1. re: DanielK

          And even though I have enormous respect for Mark, and even though his response was nothing but factual, and even though that is perfectly within the Chowhound guidelines, I still think that those affiliated with restaurants ought to disclose that every time they post. That is what separates from other boards that simply create incestuous environments for restaurant wanna-bes to suck up to those in the biz.

          1. re: Pappy

            Pappy I think that there is sufficient disclosure in the mention of "our website at" No foul.

      2. Mark is an amazing sommelier, so if you're looking for the full Citronelle experience, do go ahead and enjoy the wine pairings. Just starve yourself beforehand and prepare yourselves for a wonderful experience... Enjoy!