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Giving duck fat as holiday gifts: how to package?

So I'm about to come into a lot—and I mean a lot—of duck fat, and I'm thinking maybe I could repackage it as Christmas gifts (you know, with a basket of potatoes or something, because I'm a class act). How would you do this? Portion it into little tins or other containers? It should be an airtight seal, right? Any ideas where to find appropriate containers? Could I use little half-pint canning jars? These should then be frozen, right? I just don't want 7 pounds of good fat to go to waste! Is this the right board for this topic?

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  1. As much as I like duck fat, I think it would be a bit odd to receive a jar of fat and some potatoes as a Christmas gift. I could be in the minority though.

    I personally would give the fat away to friends, not as Christmas gifts but just for the sake of sharing.

    1. I'm w/ boogiebaby, i'm not too sure how appealing a gift of duck fat would be. more appealing would be a) make something with it and give THIS away as a gift or b) make some thing with it and make that the focal point of the holiday dinner/party you have and host everyone to enjoy it thus killing two birds (no pun intended) w/ one stone...holiday party, gift and use of duck fat...so maybe three birds...

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        I agree with boogiebaby and aussiewonder. I love duck fat, but think it would be a bit strange. But you know your friends and family better than we do. If you're looking for containers, you may want to check this site:


      2. Sounds yummy. May I have some, please?

        1. I recently made duck gizzards confit packed in a lot of fat, which is then reusable. How about making a batch of duck, rabbit, goose, or other confit and pack it with plenty of the fat in a nice ceramic crock. Then advise that the duck fat can be used again.

          1. I think it's a great idea.. but I am weird like that.

            My mum, who is the worlds worst cook, would think it's weird.

            So, I guess, as long as the recipient knew how heavenly it was, it could work.

            I'd decant it into a beautiful white ceramic (reusable) pot, and pop a bay leaf on it for presentation, wrap it in cellophane with appropriate Xmas garnishes (some fresh holly etc) and whack it in a nice basket with some good quality potatoes and maybe even a little hand-decorated recipe sheet. and/or a few other little kitchen things (spices, herbs, a basting brush) Tie the whole thing up in a good quality tea-towel and viola.. a lovely Xmas pressie!!!

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              I also think this is a great gift and would be very pleased to receive something like this!
              Love the idea of a reusable ramekin, crock or pot, and the bay leaf would be a nice touch.

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                Great ideas - please add me to your list (grin). Out of curiosity, how are you happening to come into a lot of duck fat - would like to be in the same situation myself!

                Although you are probably choosing recipients who would know what to do with the fat, you might also want to add a "storage" note to the tag.

            2. Others have talked about containers, and I agree. As to the appropriateness some have questioned, I say: go for it! I would love to recieve duck fat for Christmas. And potatoes for that matter. purple goddess and rabaja have great ideas about the packaging; still, if you know your audience, the duck fat should be a marvelous gift regardless of packaging. What lucky friends you have to be given such a boon!

              1. Yes, everyone, I know it's odd. I just thought it would be nice to share the bounty, something special that people don't always have around the house (my friends and family would know what to do with duck fat, and I'd also include a little recipe card or something); I didn't want to just unload ugly plastic tubs of it on people. It's not that I want to be stingy about giving "real" gifts. My husband did remind me that once I gave ramekins of rillets to people (it had mostly goose fat, though, as I remember) as a sort of party favor, so it wouldn't be all that unexpected from me. Obviously I really should go ahead and make a huge amount of confit, but I don't know if I'll have time to actually make it—or anything at all—this year.

                Thank you, Miss Needle, for the container link—very helpful—and thank you, others, for the votes of confidence.

                As to how I came into this much fat, I'm doing a crazy recipe-testing job and one of the recipes asks you to "submerge" a large cut of meat in duck fat to sort of poach it (we'll see...). I figured I'd need about 3 pounds for that purpose, but my local gourmet store could only special-order it in 7-plus-pound tubs and they made me buy the whole thing.

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                  I wuoldn't think you to be stingy - I am a huge proponent of giving USEFUL gifts, and this is a perfect example of useful plus a little bit unexpected/special all at the same time.

                2. I think this idea is a riot - those in the know will love it, others will be flummoxed. Reminds me of when I gave my coworkers baskets with chestnuts, Korean sweet potatoes and roasting instructions. But I have to say, I feel like the duck fat should be packaged with the calling card of a local cardiologist (or a coupon for Lipitor)!

                  1. Here's a link to Ball's website--they have a new range of streamlined canning jars--I've bought some for the smoked sea salt I'm giving this Christmas. They are pretty easy to find, and you can seal them if necessary.


                    1. Duck fat as a gift would be FANTASTIC. I'd just put it in jars like jam. Great idea.