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Oct 10, 2007 10:12 AM

2007 list of best sashimi/geoduck in Vancouver BC?

Hi Chowhounders, I am a NYC chowhounder looking for the best, most unique sashimi experience in Vancouver-- in your opinions. I will be dining solo, and I am looking for very unique types of fish/shellfish, very fresh. The restaurant can be plain, fancy, whatever-- I am simply looking for great fish (and geoduck!) I would like to do omakase or per piece menu. The other threads I read were already a few years old, so it would be great to hear your updated lists.

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  1. I really like Toshi, on 16th and Main. They don't do reservations and it's always crowded and the fish is always very fresh. I also like Zest. Much better ambiance and a lot of different dishes. Also, try Octopus' Garden in Kits. You'll probably find more unique fish at Zest or Octopus' Garden, but all 3 places have fresh fish. I've never paid attention to whether these places have geoduck, though.

    181 E.16th Avenue
    Vancouver, BC V5T 4R2
    (604) 874-5173

    2775 W. 16th Avenue
    Vancouver, BC
    (604) 731-9378

    Octopus' Garden
    1995 Cornwall Avenue
    Vancouver, BC
    (604) 734-8971

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      Thanks Hungry One! We got some good info on the down-low about Sakae and Okada... I will give a full report later. I am considering a double-dinner, as tonight is our last night in vancouver (then it's off to the island and port mcneill) We did have oysters and seafood at Joe Forte's (mediocre) and dinner at Guu on Robson (if they have it again, the takowasabi with wasabi stems was OUTSTANDING).

    2. If you make it down to Seattle be sure to check out Wasabi Bistro in Belltown. Also best Sushi on the Eastside is def Rikki Rikki If you're craving the geoduck visit and cook/slice some up yourself. It also lists good places to buy them online.

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          Must be in the geoduck industry or geoduck-obsessed...all he posts about is geoduck!

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            ya, kinda got that impression as well