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[DAL] Mole?

I've researched the old thread on availability of mole in Dallas. Can anyone update? Are there any places which serve mole on the permanent menu? Dare I ask for a variety of mole? What do you think of the restaurant & its sauce?

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  1. Cafe San Miguel has this on their standard menu. I didn't have the mole, although my diining companion did and enjoyed it. I didn't taste it, but it was a thick red mole.
    Sorry I can't be more descriptive.

    1. I have had both steak and chicken with mole at Javier's. Both are very good.


      1. Avila's has mole on their permanent menu. I have not eaten a large variety of moles, but I like theirs. It is a rich, dark red version.

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          +1 Not a big fan of mole, but Avila's is quite good.

        2. Nuevo Leon has several different types of Mole on their menu. I have had several and all are very good.

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            i really liked the mole at Nuevo Leon too

          2. I believe Coquitas has several moles on the menu. I have had the ribs in mole and thought they were very tastey. Sort of a pain to eat but tastey none the less.

            1. Guttral,

              I have been on the same quest. I have found that the moles I believe there to be 3-4 at Nuevo Leon are superb. If you have a question about the moles at Neuvo Leon ask if you can try them all. They are willing to acommodate (at least they did for me). I have had others that have been to laden with chocolate and not that appealing. I even tried Veracruz Cafe in Bishop Arts hoping to find mole....and found their food not so exciting as I had envisioned. The other posters have named all the places that have mole on their menu but I have heard street talk that their might be a oaxacan restaurant in S. Oak Cliff area....these are rumors left to be verified. From reseach on Rick Bayless's website and also I believe several articles on Veracruz there are about 7-10 moles that are native to the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Since we only have 3-4 tops on the local menus, we are difinitely missing a few to say the least. This thread might help in explaining and might actually make you so hungry for Mole that you would want to travel to Veracruz


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                I had the same impression of veracruz cafe. I want to go back again because I really expected something great. I don't have a huge frame of reference though. I know that their mole was nothing in comparison Bayless' mole at Frontera in Chicago.

                If Salt Lake City can have it, why can't we? http://www.rediguana.com/menu.pdf

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                  Well Nuevo Leon comes close to the Inguana, but still not as good. I have not been there in many years, but it was great on my last visit all be it a bit interesting with gang activity after 8ish or so. I will have to hit Salt Lake on my next western trip.