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Oct 10, 2007 10:00 AM

paris restaurants

looking for suggestions on the most memorable reasonably priced restaurants in paris. mainly interested in french food (could be anything from steak au poivre to oysters to choucroute garnie), but could also be great ethnic food spots.

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  1. Have you read any of the threads in this Forum? I think you'll find lots of great suggestions.

    1. i have scrolled through them, and, as you say, there are tons of restaurants mentioned, which is part of why I posted: I guess I'm curious whether there is any consensus among Chowhounds on the, say, five mid-range restaurants in Paris that are the most memorable.

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      1. re: ramen

        Don't know about consensus, but it might be: l'ami jean, chez Michel, le comptoir, la cave de l'os a moelle, la regalade , le paul bert -- those would be the top "bistronomiques", with menus in the 30-40 eur price range (I take that it is what you mean by reasonably priced). But really, I've lived in Paris 33 years, I am a restaurant lover and still have no idea of most restaurants in the city.

        Those restaurants are not so good that they are worth going from far, imo -- I would recommend working with the map of recommended bistrot from to find one in a neighbourhood you like. You will eat great food in all of them.

        Ethnic: in the mentioned price range, I am not aware of many noteworthy experiences, except the 404, and two suburban restaurants: Lac Hong in Guyancourt and Luna Rosso in Romainville.

        But again, what is moderate? Meals in Paris range from 10 to 500.

          1. re: ChefJune

            That's a great place, like l'Absinthe, le Bistrot d'a Cote, Le relais du beaujolais, George du Mail, etc... But I don't think that they have ingredients on par with l'Ami Jean, who has three stars ingredients like beurre bordier or cochon noir de Bigorre. This is not to say that you cannot have a better time at chez Denise -- I think I prefer Denise to Jean. But not because of the food.

            I should probably add l'entredgeu to the list.

            1. re: souphie

              Your are now talking to the Chez Denise number one fan. L'ami might have better ingredients, if you say so, but the results at Chez D are superb. 10 days ago had calamari farci and morue avergnate, have never found better anywhere.
              Like LA Jean very much, but Chez Denise am at once a week

          2. re: souphie

            Souphie: I just took your advise to work with the map. Thank you:) I really found it to be exellent!

        1. These are great recommendations, thanks. Two other questions: I'm also looking for a little diversity in the menu. Is the food served at most of the spots you suggest pretty similar? If so, any advice for a couple additional places that have some different options? Also, just out of curiosity, do any of these places have a particularly interesting/funky/buzzy atmosphere? Finally, just to clarify on price, when I say "reasonably priced," I guess I'm thinking 50 to 75 euros max. (30 to 40 is also fine, of course.)

          Or, some place where's there's a particularly interesting vibe

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          1. re: ramen

            Also would love a couple of recommendations on modern French (as opposed to traditional Bistro fare) if anyone has thoughts.

            1. re: ramen

              Prix fixee lunch at le meurice is a moderate(65 E) modern 2 star take. Taillevent does a 70 E 3 course prix fixee, that is a delight. for a traditional french meal at a reasonable price in wonderful Belle Epoque surroundings, try Le Boullion Racine on the Rue Racine in the 6th near L'ecole Medicine. one of my "secret" fave's is the dining at either of the Nicolas stores either at Place Madeleine or at the Marche St. Germain.they have traditional bistro food at cheap prices and it's quite good. the matching wines by the glass are a nice addition

              1. re: chazzerking

                Le Meurice is no 2* and mostly no 65 eur lunch aymore. 3 and 75, actually. SO that leaves you with a lunch at 100 minimum. And I would argue that lunch menus at les Elysees, le Vernet and Rostang are better deals. But that's also about how much you want to feel like you're royalty. Meurice is hard to beat for that.

                1. re: souphie

                  Great suggestions. For places like Le Meurice or Taillevent -- or even Les Elysees, le Vernet and Rostang -- I assume one needs reservations? And is a week ahead usually enough time to make one?

                  1. re: ramen

                    It depends. Jules Verne can be tough. Initially, We had made ours for taillevent about a month ahead, but have developed a relationship with Jean Marie, so can get in on shorter notice. Le Meurice; made those about 5 weeks ahead.

                    1. re: ramen

                      Lunch on weekday is usually easy, except at Taillevent, Meurice, les Elysees and Le Bristol. The way I do it is I call the same morning and pick the one that has a table.

                    2. re: souphie

                      Sorry. it's been about a year since we ate there. my price info was out of date. It's usually a good thing to hit 2 star places just before they go to 3, also frequently good to hit after they go the other way, as they are usually trying hard to get back. A couple of other options, Le Comptoir du Relais, at the Carrefour de l'Odeon has a 42E prix fixee that's interesting and good, and another more difficult option (only 15 seats, and hard to get in) is Restaurant Spring near Pigalle, which has a prix fixee no option menu that the chef decides on that afternoon, so it can be a bit of an adventure, but excellent food. and prices are very reasonable.

                      1. re: chazzerking

                        I would have thought Le Comptoir (for dinner) was more tricky to get into that Spring....? I understand Le Comptoir is usually booked 3 to 5 months ahead. Spring has 16 covers but Le Comptoir in the evening doesn't have significantly more as they double up the table space.

                        If you do go to Spring it is sensible to let Daniel (the chef) know if you have any allergies etc and then he will shop accordingly (or maybe he will advise Spring is not for you).

              2. Please check out Les Bouquinistes - I PROMISE you won't be disappointed. Ranks as one of the greatest meals of my life.

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                  1. re: Dodo

                    anyone been to any of the following recently?

                    Chez Papa
                    Vincent & Vincent
                    Brasserie de l'Ile St. Louis
                    Chez Juilian

                    1. re: ramen

                      Brasserie d'Ille St. Louis - this is a classic! Not based on the food per se, but great location, atmosphere, and the wait-staff that has been there forever. Ate/drank there 3+ times in May 2007. All waiters are great, but Pascal is a riot.

                1. I would add Petit Troquet and Le Viex Bistro across from Notre Dame. The food there is excellent.

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                  1. re: kittykatkid

                    The problem with the Vieux Bistro is that I got a bottle of 2002 Amiral de Beychevelle when I ate there, and now I am hooked on this wine.

                    1. re: Busk

                      I went there the first with a girlfriend and we ended up falling in love with the food and the wine! It is hard to belive that such a gem of a place is that close to a major tourist attraction! I would have never went in there without all the rec'd from fellow hounds...great escarot, frog legs and rack of lamb!!! Now it is a must on every trip to Paris as is Petit Pontoise & Petit Troquet.