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Oct 10, 2007 09:25 AM

King's Hawaiian wedding cake?

My fiance has fallen in love with King's Paradise Cake.

My question: King's has a lot of wedding cakes in their book, but do they deliver? I don't mean physically cart the cake across town. I mean, do they get the job done in terms of elegance and crispness of decorating skills? There's no question that their cakes are a hit at office and birthday parties, but a four tiered wedding cake is something else entirely.

I would love to hear if other hounds have had a King's cake at a wedding, or used King's for their own wedding. Thanks!

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  1. wow, thats definitely a first for me. a kings hawaiian wedding cake? that would just be ridiculously awesome :). i would definitely suggest calling them and talking to them about logistics. perhaps you can see some of the wedding cakes in progress that they are doing for other couples? either way, let me know. that sounds sooo tasty.

    1. The first couple I ever married had a cake from King's and it was beautiful and delicious.

      1. Thanks! It's nice to see at least one nod in favor of their decorating skills. Maybe they'll agree to let me stop by and see a cake some weekend.

        And just think how awesome "Paradise Cake" would look on the menu! It would have all the out of towners wondering all night long.

        1. we had kings hawaiian for a lovely bridal shower several weeks ago. they can definitely do wedding cakes! the staff is extremely accomodating - we opted for a simple look - the famous rainbow cake, covered in whipped cream, with fresh flowers added on top, & ribbon on bottom. gorgeous, tasty, & the best part - $40-50 dollars to feed 40 people. no need for cake divas. check out the pics on the link below.

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            Thank you for those photos! That cake is lovely, and very close to what I want--clean lines, fresh flowers.

            How big was it, roughly? I would think to feed 40 you'd need something over a foot square?

            I called King's this morning, and they said it would be 100% possible for me to do a consult with their cake decorator and then order a smaller cake as a sample. So I'm thinking a 10" cake at the next family get together might be in order!

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              I don't remember the dimensions exactly but a foot sounds about right. Everyone at the shower was impressed considering a lot of the girls are foodies/work in the food industry, including the bride-to-be. I am not sure about delivery, I remember my sister had to pick it up - but then again you'd be saving a ton of money simply by purchasing through Kings Hawaiian.

              I think its a very good decision considering how much bakeries charge around here for wedding cakes. I figure Susina or SLJ would charge an arm and a leg. Realistically for some couples, its not possible or worth it. Good luck!

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                One more thing - I would definitely go with a simple design w/ the bridge & grooms favorite fresh flowers since cake artistry is not their forte.

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                  Oh, definitely! Places in LA proper charge $7+ per slice of cake, and King's was more like $2 a slice ($300ish for 170 slices, if I remember right).

                  The only reason I was considering Cake Divas is this: through the hotel, I pay $8 a slice for Cake Divas. If I use King's (not on the approved vendors list), I have to pay King's plus a $4 slicing/plating fee. So it brings the price up to $6 a slice (plus delivery and tax) vs. $8 a slice (free delivery, no tax). So the price difference becomes negligible, I just want the best tasting cake!

                  Thanks for the heads up on the simple design.

            2. I had a King's Hawaiian wedding cake! You can schedule a consult with their cake person. They will bring you all the lovely flavors (you can have different flavors for each tier) to try and let you look through their big book of ideas. Most of the pictures were very traditional and fancy. Not really my style.. I found one of the simpler cakes and asked them to modify it to suit me and they were very accommodating.

              Here is a picture:

              I just asked for something very simple, no fondant, just buttercream and they made lovely flowers to go around. I actually wish I asked for more of the flowers to fill in the empty spots (but that's my own fault).

              I had paradise for one of the layers and it was a big hit. :) My two tiers fed about 65 people.

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                Those flowers are gorgeous! They made those out of sugar? That's a lot of work for their low prices.