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Oct 10, 2007 09:03 AM

Outdoor dining- please help!

Now that the weather's (hopefully) going to cool off a bit this weekend, Mrs. Jeffchow and I are looking for courtyard dining Saturday night...Considering Cafe Degas (I know it's not a courtyard, but I love it when they open it to the air this time of year), Cafe Amelie, Martinique, Dante's...any other charming spots we may be overlooking? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Cafe Amelie definitely! Bayona also has a lovely courtyard.

    1. Cafe Rani is great this time of year. The atmosphere under the oaks is very intimate and fun.

      I haven't eaten there in a while, but the food was great for the price point, from what I recall.

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        Feelings has a beautiful courtyard. I am not wild about the food, but nice place for a drink. Some people on this board like the food though. Broussards has a even more beautiful courtyard and I have seen recent pictures that look like they may be serving food out there. If not another great cocktail spot and the food is good with pretty dining areas over looking the courtyard.

      2. cap the night with drinks at St. Joe's.

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          Dos Jefes has a great side yard with swings at the bar!

        2. G&B and Dante's Kitchen at Riverbend both have nice courtyards. G&B is mostly drinks and burgers while Dante's ( has a broader menu and a nice brunch.

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            Thanks to all for the suggestions! Never been to G&B or Broussards (although I have seen the courtyard!) ...many good options.

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              GB's isn't that great - I would definitely head over to Dante's.

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              Matt & Naddie's as well. They have a great courtyard right up the block. The wine list is pretty inventive too.

            3. Rani has the good courtyard under the live oak. Dante's has that small little garden but it can be a little loud. Grande Isle has outdoor dining on that lovely promenade. Fat Harry's has good burgers and you sit right on St. Charles Ave and watch the people and avoid the dark bar. St. James Cheese factory serves good sandwiches and has a nice litte alcove for outdoor dining. Drinks and standard appetizers taste better when you have the magnificent view from the top of the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel around the pool. Very delightful and breezy. Martinique, as mentioned above, also has a charming patio and Sunday brunch is fantastic.