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Oct 10, 2007 08:56 AM

Need rec.s for Top-Notch St. Louis Dining

Our Anniversary is quickly on its way and i need to find a special place to celebrate. No list includes: Tony's, Niche, anything in Central West End (our regular haunt) or anything west of 170. Husband digs steak, I like to try new things. I haven't been to An American Place yet - has anyone been there in last 30 days? Anywhere else I am missing out on that would be a really special, romantic place that one wouldn't go on a monthly basis due to cost?

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  1. One place that I thought was romantic and I believe fits your other requirements is the Tenderloin Room at the Chase. My wife loves the big curved booths.
    The food is possibly not as exceptional as AAP. I have not been to AAP so I am unsure. But I know TR is very very nice.


    1. Another choice would be Sidney Street.


      1. While I don't feel the food at An American Place is as good as it once was, it is still good, and the room itself will be hard to beat. It's a beautiful restaurant.

        1. We went to Dierdorf and Harts for our anniversary a few months ago and enjoyed it.

          1. We went to An American Place two weeks ago. The room is magnificent, and the menu ranges from steak and mashed potatoes to shrimp and tasso grits. And they do have curved booths; not sure if they will seat just two people in a curved booth, however.