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Apr 7, 2006 04:31 PM

Tres leches cake in San Jose/Santa Clara?

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I am looking to buy a tres leches cake next week for a birthday.

Other than Mi Pueblo, where can I find some?

Any recs would be appreciated!

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  1. Try Pink Elephant on King Rd.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Thanks for asking Melanie. I ended up getting it at Mi Pueblo. Got just a barra (half a sheet cake, lengthwise) and it was very good. I asked that they please make it extra milky and they were happy to oblige. I got the fresh strawberry and whipped cream filling and whipped cream frosting with more strawberries. I would definitely order from them again. You have to go in and and order it 1st. They give you the option of paying for it then or paying when you pick it up.

        1. re: Margo

          Would you mind telling me how much the cake was? I'm planning my sister's baby shower (to be held in San Jose) from Indiana, so I'm trying to do some research online. Since we're having the baby shower at a Mexican restaurant, a tres leches cake would be really yummy.

          1. re: kcchan

            I just called them to confirm the prices.

            The one I bought was for about 15 people and it was $22.99. With fruit $26.99. For 15-20 people with decoration $29.99. For 40 people it is $49.00.

            Mi Pueblo
            235 E Julian St
            San Jose, CA, 95112
            (408) 292-3177

            I have also had some from
            Pink Elephant Bakery
            415 S King Rd.
            San Jose, CA, 95116

            But you have to order it in person.
            (408) 923-3436

            1. re: Margo

              Ooh thanks for the info! Would you recommend either Mi Pueblo or Pink Elephant over the other?

              1. re: kcchan

                I picked Mi Pueblo primarily for convenience. They could take my order over the phone and it's closer to my house and it was slightly cheaper than Pink Elephant.

                I have had the cake from Pink Elephant and it was very good but you have to go there to order it and then go back to pick it up. I just didn't have the time nor the energy to make the trek.