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Oct 10, 2007 08:56 AM

Restaurant to watch a ballgame

A friend of mine and our wives have dinner plans for Friday night. My friend and I want to watch the baseball game (sound not required) and our wives want to be able to enjoy good food and drinks in a "non-sports bar" environment. Does anybody have any suggestions for good places (any cuisine, any location but the UWS) where there are visible televisions from some tables, the food and drinks are very good, and isn't clearly a sports bar.

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  1. Try Arctica on 28th and 3rd. Pretty good food and a few TVs with the games on. There is even a back garden you can eat in and still see the TVs

    1. RUB if you like bbq has large tv's in front area that is usually dominated by sports. Stout also always has games playing. Closer to pub food but really good.

      1. Hagi on 49th. Its a japanese izakaya with 3 screens on baseball.

        1. I'd like to bump this thread to see if we can get anymore. Stout, for example, would not qualify because it is clearly a sports bar (and I feel an overpriced one).

          What I'm looking for is some restaurants with good food that I can trick my girlfriend into believing that I would have no idea that they would have a TV with the Yankee game on. Pretty much, it can't look like a sports bar at all. It doesn't have to be a place where there are TV's all over, but at least a TV where you can see the game from some seats in the restaurant. I'd have no problem calling ahead of time and reserving a table where the TV can be seen from.

          The one I can think of is Luke's bar and grill, where if you sit at a table near the bar, you can be able to see the TV. Any others?

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            my go to spot for this is blue smoke. fancier bbq place. if you get tables in the front or near the bar, you should be able to see their gigantic flat screens. and the food is fantastic.

            1. re: Taylor.Watson

              Haha! I know what you want- first of all Artica is a bar, RUB is not what your looking for either. I suggest MetroCafe & Wine bar. They have good food- awesome burgers and pasta in an upscale environment- wine flights which may interest the ladies and 4 flat screen tvs that are visible from most of the center tables. Just call and ask for one of them and enjoy!!

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                That looks great. Definitely a place I'll check out. Blue Smoke might work for some of the Hounds here, but my girlfriend isn't a big fan of BBQ so it wouldn't help me out. Thanks roze! This place looks perfect the next time she wants to go to a nice dinner and I want to watch the ballgame.

            2. Pescatore always has the Yankees on - I should know, being a Mets fan. There are stand up tables and a four top that you can see the tv from. The bar is populated w/ very knowledgeable baseball fans, but of the graying, elegant demographic. Good salads, and my favorite linguine vongole in the city. 51st and 2nd.