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Oct 10, 2007 08:39 AM

Charlie Beinlich's VS Brandt's Little Cafe

I have heard that both of these places make great burgers, have a roadhouse , rustic decor.
Both have been around for many years. If you had a choice between these two , which one would you perfer?

Charlie Beinlich's
290 Skokie Blvd
Northbrook IL

Brandt's The Little Cafe
807 Baldwin Rd
Palatine IL

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  1. i would HIGHLY recommend charlie beinlich's. i grew up right by there and to this day i still swear on their burgers as the 'world's best'. nothing, and i mean nothing has changed in the 35 years i have been going there, with the exception of the clientelle, as you will see more families and strollers than ever.

    1. I gotta recommend both. I grew up in Palatine in the 70's and next to Andy's Cow Palace that was kitty corner, Brandts is my favorite memory. My dad would take us every Saturday afternoon for burgers and college football. I was in the neighborhood not long ago and stopped in for a brew and a burger and it was terrific. Thick, juicy burger!

      I love Charlie's as well, I used to work in Northbrook and hit there for lunch regularly, and the only thing I didn't like was the crowds. They make an awesome burger, and I don't eat them but their shrimp cocktail is always a hit.

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        I highly recommend Beinlichs. If you want a throw back restaurant that looks like it belongs in the northwoods of Wisconsin, with great burgers to boot this is the place. Mounted fish, rustic to beat the band atmosphere, dark, big bar and crowded. The only change that I can think of in the past 30 years is that they now have an ATM machine on the premises. And if you order a soft drink, they use 2 liter bottles! No fountain. You cannot go wrong here. The burger special includes the burger on a bun only, choice of raw or grilled onions, great fries, sliced pickles and great slaw. They have other items ala carte and the most popular is the shrimp cocktail. Oh, no televisions and no piped music.

      2. I've been Brandt's biggest fan for years. I don't know how they do it, but it's one incredible burger and you can't beat the "rustic decor"! Best burger ever, for me!

        1. I've got to go with Brandt's, too.