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Messermeister Knives???

Does anyone have experience with Messermeister knives? I've read, on more than one website, that their quality surpasses that of Henckels and Wusthof.

If you use these knives on a regular basis, I'd love to hear your feedback.

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  1. What line of Messermeisters are you considering? I believe that, at the moment, they have two lines of forged knives and two lines of stamped knives.

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      I believe that the Meridian Elite and San Mortiz are their forged lines - I was looking at the Meridian Elite. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the prices are pretty similar, and both are a bit cheaper than Wusthof and Henckels.

    2. I have a wall full of knives that I've collected over the last 40 or so years, ranging from the old Elephant brand carbon steel brass-riveted Sabatiers through current manufacture Wusthofs. Largely because I had the same curiosity that you apparently do, I purchased a 9" Messermeister Meridian Elite chef's knife with kullens last year. It just about instantly became my favorite knife for general kitchen tasks - the handle is much more comfortable than my other knives and the balance is superb. I also found the 9" length to be a "just right" compromise between the 8" and 10" knives that I have, but obviously that's a personal consideration. So far, the steel appears to be good - the edge was frighteningly sharp as received - which I recognize doesn't tell you a great deal - and, more importantly, it's held up just fine with routine (as in each time you pick it up) steeling. I figure you don't really know about a knife until it becomes time to resharpen it, so I'll withhold final judgment, but for now I'm very enthusiastic about this knife and will likely pick up one or more of their other models at some point. I think your general assessment of their pricing is just about right, BTW.

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        Thanks a bunch for the great information -- you just may have sold me.

        I, too, have a wall full of mismatched knives including Rachel Ray Furi, Ikea, Wusthof, Henckels, and Old Hickory carbon steel to name a few. I'm definitely looking to build a more homogeneous set, and because I like to be different I've been researching knives other than the typical German makers.

      2. I've gotten a 9" Merridiant Elite chef. Still now, I am intimidated of that knive every time I use it. I know I shouldn't but the edge that it keeps when properly sharpened, is hair trigger-so to speak. Do not leave it in the sink and be aware of where you leave it on the counter. Wash and dry then put it away as soon as possible...Carefully...i got mine at Surface and I think it's out performs all the other larger commercial german brands.


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          i too am a knife collector, starting small, dont have too many but fascinated by the comments on knives. where in the midwest can i go to try one of these ? any suggestions would be welcome. thank you

        2. My Messermeister San Moritz Elite was my go to knife for years. I really liked how it felt in my hand and it held an edge unlike any other German knife I'd ever used. Easy to sharpen as well. I really like the bolsterless heel.

          They are heavy though...if you don't like a heavy knife you won't like this(though I liked the balance despite the weight).

          All that said, my husband bought a Shun back at the holidays because he didn't like my heavy Messermeister...I found myself reaching for the Shun more frequently after it arrived in the house. Even after having the Messermeister professionally sharpened on a whetstone thinking maybe that was why wasn't in love with it anymore.

          I just bought a Masahiro(yes I have a knife fetish...next one I'd like to try is the Hattori which also felt great in my hand) and i have to say this is now my new favorite knife.

          All this said and done, you won't go wrong with a Messermeister and of all the German knives it is my favorite. As with any knife, be sure to actually hold it before you buy it. If you do buy one, be sure anyone that sharpens it knows that the edge is actually 15 degree and not 20 like most German knives.

          1. I have a simple Messermeister vegetable peeler. It's far and away the best I've ever owned. It's years old and still as good as the day I bought it. It will peel a perfectly ripe peach or tomato with complete ease, taking only the thinnest layer of skin and no flesh.
            I'm going to look for their knives.

            1. Not a chef's knife, but I just bought a Messermeister tomato knife. It works really well. I am not one for over-specialized food gadgets but wanted a reward for growing my own heirloom tomatoes. Handle is great and the edge is absolutely the sharpest I have seen directly from a manufacturer.

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                I'm also interested in hearing more from those who've owned and used Messermiester knives, specifically the Elite and San Mortiz lines.

                It seems like Messermiester gets a lot of love from people like Chad Ward who literally wrote the book about kitchen knives, but when I was reading up on it on egullet, I realized that the biggest supporter of it was from somebody who doesn't even own one or ever used it.

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                  When you run across JuniorBalloon, ask him about his Messermiester. He bought one and really like it. He even wrote a short review of it.

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                    Credibility of the poster is VERY important to remember in any on-online forum. One of the "forum experts" on a well known firearms forum turned out to be a kid in junior high school. Just who I want to advise me about use of an M-16 and Uzi SMG .... ;)

                    I used to own a 3 piece set of Messermiester. I found the quality to be superior to the similar forged Henkels and Wusthof but, not dramatically so. Today, I'm all about Japanese kitchen knives (or a bolsterless French Chef's knife, a.k.a. a Gyuto.)

                2. I have a Messermeister Elite 5" santoku that I like quite a bit. It's not as versatile as a chefs knife, but the blade seems to keep a decent edge and its comfortable to use.

                  1. My Messermeister Meridien Elite 10" chef's knife is my favorite knife ever. I've had it for maybe 7 years now and use it more or less daily. I don't know of a better German knife, although I have heard that F. Dick makes a knife that could compare well to the Messermeister.

                    1. I am a professional chef and kitchen knife collector. I own many different brands along with my 9" Messermeister Meridian Elite. Here are some pros and cons of this knife from a everyday use professional angle.
                      -Sharpens VERY easily (almost too easily) on Japanese Wet Stones (under 30 minutes to sharpen from almost Butter Knife dull to shave the hair off your arm razor sharp)
                      -Lighter weight than some German Style Chefs Knives
                      -Steels well on a super fine or honing steel

                      -Balance is decent but not quite what a look for in a perfect chefs knife seeing as I use a pinch grip bold (a little heavy for me on the handle side)
                      -With everyday use this knife can and will dull in 3-4 weeks depending on the types of cutting surfaces you use and what you are cutting or using the knife for (I have knives within the same price range that I use everyday that only need sharpening on a stone every six months or so)

                      ...that's my take on them....

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                        That's something I'm hearing a bit about Messermeister -- that their edge-holding isn't the best in the industry; are there any German knives in the same price range that keep their edges longer? I understand the argument in favor of Japanese steel and their knives, and have a couple of traditionally styled Japanese knives.

                        I've never used them, but I've heard compliments about F. Dick and Eberhard Schaaf knives. I'd like to get away from the full blade width bolster, in any case. I've used both Wusthof and Henckels and didn't have any major complaints about them (except for the bolsters). I'm somewhat looking for a 6" chef's knife.

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                          There maybe a quality control thing here, I've had my messermeister for over a year and it's edge has outlasted all my Japanese knives!!

                      2. I have a Mac Pro, Shun Classic Santoku, F Dick 10 inch chef, Global 8 inch, Kaidan 9.5 inch and Messermeister Meridian Elite 8 inch. The Messermeister is my favourite. As I sharpen all my knives they are all around about the same sharpness but they vary in edge holding, The messermeister and Shun have had the best edge holding. My Messermeister also is the most comfortable to hold and and the best at getting through tougher items. It's got a tougher blade and goes through harder items with more ease. This is perhaps also because of it's bellied curved that is more ergonomic for such type of tasks. The bellied curve also makes it the best for rock chopping but one thing I must say about the curve is that it doesn't make it quite so good for tip work. This is where a Santoku or gyoto will shine.
                        Overall fantastic knife, great sharpness and edge holding, great cutter, highly recommended!

                        1. The Maridian Elite Series is the only knife I use these days! Wonderful heft and balance. Superior edge right from the box. They sharpen these to a sharper angle than Henckles or Wusthof.