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Any Kosher Dunkin Donuts Stores in Brooklyn?


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  1. I understand that there were a lot of kashrut problems with Dunkin Donuts stores. Is there any store in Brooklyn that still has a reliable hashgacha?

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      What problems? Is it a chain wide problem? We have a kosher Dunkin Donuts here in the 5 towns, didn't hear of any problems.

    2. The one on Ave. J used to be kosher, but it's been a while since I've lived in NY and I'm not sure there even still is one. It was under Va'ad HaRabonim of Flatbush.

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        I cant see how they can survive at that location and not be kosher!

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          The one on Ave. J now has a new hashgacha. I was able to see the signs from far but I don't know who it actually is.

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            So I gather that the answer to the original post is ->

            Yes, there are kosher Dunkin Donuts stores in Brooklyn!

        2. the ones that had a problem were the ones on Avenue J and the one on 86th Street. There are kosher ones on Kings Highway (2 of them), Quentin Road, Nostrand and I, Flatbush Avenue, Avenue M, Coney Island Avenue and Ditmas Avenue, in Park Slope (in the Pathmark shopping center), I must be missing some others.

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            also a kosher one on Nostrand and Ave W or X - really nice and clean

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              If memory serves me, wasn't there a kosher one at around Flatbush ave & Kings Highway?

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                Flatbush Avenue and Avenue L. Avenue L is right next to Kings Highway at that part of Flatbush Avenue

          2. Uh, like all of them. Practically. But don't quote me on it.

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              Thanks everyone for your helpful responses. However, for my stricter than strict friends, I had to make the trip to Lawrence, where the supervision is the sterling Vaad of Queens.

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                Actually the Lawrence location and Valley Stream location are both certified by the Vaad haKashrut of the 5 Towns and Far Rockaway.

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                  Sorry, you are correct. While you noted that all stores are "somewhat" kosher, there are a lot of people that will be most comfortable with the Vaad's supervision, and lack of non-kosher menu items sold in the same facility.

            2. There is also a new kosher Dunkin on Kings Highway and east 19th street. This one is a lot cleaner than the other Brooklyn locations.

              1. 18th ave and coney island ave;ave m near Q traIn;pathmark gowanus.

                1. go www.shamash.org for info on all kosher restaurants, delis, pizza shop, mini-marts and donut shops

                  1. Kings Highway & about East 8 or 9.

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                    1. The hashgacha of the Dunkin Donuts stores is under Rabbi Mehlman. Only stores with his certification in Brooklyn are actually kosher. Off the top of my head, these are the stores under his hashgacha, though there may be additional ones I am unaware of: Ave U and east 19th, Quentin and East 16th, Kingshighway and east 19th, Kingshighway and east 15th, kingshighway and east 10th, Ave M and east 15th, Coney Island Ave and 18th Ave, Flatbush Ave and Ave L, Nostrand Avenue and Ave I.....i think the list keeps growing

                      1. does anyone know if dunkin donuts is kosher on clakrson ave near kings county hospital/ downstate hospital.?

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