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Oct 10, 2007 08:02 AM

South Beach restaurant advice...

Me and a couple of friends are going to South Beach next weekend and I was looking for restaurant advice for a few single guys. I have been down there several times before and have been to places like The Blue Door, Tantra, Pearl, China Grill, Spiga, Touch, etc. We are looking for food first, atmosphere second. We can always go somewhere for drinks/atmosphere after a great meal. Are there any hidden gems that are worth while? Are any of these worth the trip: Barton G? Mararena Tavern? Balans? Joes Stone Crab?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. dvive>

    No, no, no and yes. Barton G is too precious for a pack of guys. Macarena and Balans are the oddest ideas ever - no & no. Joe's is easier to get into at lunchtime. Prime 112 is a guy's night out kind of place if you book a table and specify downstairs in the main dining room. NBA/NFL types hang out at Prime 112 and at the Forge bar late night Sundays.

    Hidden gems? Da Giuliana at 7/Washington is the Italian place filled with Italians. Sardinia is the Italian place filled with locals.

    You guys in for the Pats Game? - Go Pats!


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      hi AG, thank you for the info. we'll give Joes a try during the day. any word on Escopazza? what are your favorites? any places downtown that might be worth the trip....Grass?

      yes, in for the Pats game. we've been coming down for about 5 years now. any advice on places to meet single girls that arent too clubby?

      thanks again,


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        Hotel bars. Check out Skybar, Delano, Raleigh, Sagamore - all are great scenes, you can have a convo, beautiful people. Keep in mind, especially with the Sagamore, that it can be very tough to get with no girls. So, Saturday night, look into making a late reservation at Social, just for drinks and desserts, so that you can get into the hotel and stay in, while not committing a dinner to a restaurant that can be a miss quite often.

        Look in to Table 8 for dinner. Possibly Bond St. If you are looking into going into the mainland for dinner, check out Michael's Genuine - cannot stress how much I love this restaurant. Also, a place that I LOVE going after the games for dinner and beer/wine is Clarke's. They have a great beer selection, interesting wine list, and wonderful "upscale" bar food, and it is not pretentious at all so you can go in what you wear to the game. It looks like an Irish Pub, with a lot of dark wood, a plasma tv that they show the later

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        Da Giuliana? Is this new? I never heard of it...Is this on the SE corner of the street where all restaurants have lasted 3 months?

        I guess, more importantly, is it any good?

        1. re: advisor_Girl

          Isn't Joe's closed until next Monday? Oh tell me its sooner.....;-)

          1. re: yomyb

            joes stonecrab restaurant opens fri night oct 12th 5 pm.Oct 15th is the first day stonecrabs can be harvested.tuesday oct 16th joes opens up for its first lunchat 1130 am.

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            Da Giuliana? Is this new? I never heard of it...

          3. If your agenda is food first, tops on my list would be Talula, Sardinia, perhaps Mark's South Beach. Joe's is a Miami institution and if you haven't been is probably worth a visit.

            Barton G is all about the flash and not the food; Balans is mediocre; have never seen any reason to try Macarena.

            If you're willing to venture off South Beach, Michael's Genuine and Michy's are a couple of my favorites. If you're in for the game and looking for someplace a bit further north, I also like Timo in Sunny Isles.

            1. One of my favorite spots in South Beach is "A la Folie Cafe", located on Espaniola Way and around Drexel. I think they have a website. It is reasonably priced (everything less than $10) and the food is prepared to order with fresh and selected ingredients. THe menu is more of a quick service, french style. The location is at the end of the Espagnola way shops and restaurants (backs up to the school).
              The 2d spot is Daraku, on Lincoln road (near the movie theater). They have a black musles appetizer that is really good, their sushi is good.
              3d consideration is "Sushi Shiam" on Linclon road. It is thai and sushi. U can never go wrong with anything on their menu. My favorite is their cury dishes.
              Good luck! + enjoy your stay in Miami!

              1. Big fan of OLA. Stands for Of Latin America. Food is outstanding. THey have a great civiche bar, and many other options. Last time I was there, I had some great fish dishes, but what stands out most for me was the crab, avocado, and asperagus salad. everything but the crab was tempura battered. It was in a lemon dressing, and was so good, I am still having dreams every so often.