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Oct 10, 2007 07:40 AM

Dock Street Brewery/Philadelphia

Has anyone been? Is this good pub style food? Is the neighborhood safe, and how about the parking? My BIL loves good pub type food (and beer), and I'd like to get some opinions. Also, would children be welcome here (at an early dinner hour)?

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  1. The neighborhood is fine. Parking is a cinch. Food is okay (we had a good pizza, though I don't know if things that aren't "out of the oven" like burgers would be good). The beer's good, service is fine.

    I think kids might be welcome, but I wouldn't say it's a kid-friendly environment. And it's VERY, VERY, VERY loud.

    1. cussbucket's experience is pretty similar to mine. Good pizza, good beer, and good service pretty much defines my experience there, too. I had dessert, though, and that was pretty decent - don't know where they get their stuff, but the vegan chocolate cake and tiramisu was surprisingly decent for a neighbourhood joint.

      The night I was there, there were a few folks leaving with their kids, so I can only conclude that the place does welcome kids. However, Dock Street being a brewery and all, I wouldn't imagine this place to be the most kid-friendly environment. And cussbucket is right in that it is quite the loud spot.