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Oct 10, 2007 07:40 AM

PLEASE. A Decent Choco Chip Cookie Mix or Refrigerated Dough

I once tried a mail order cookie dough (the Ultimate Cookie? or something like this). It was fantastic, but is there dough or a mix in my local supermarket that's any good?

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  1. In the Boston area, and I'm not sure how far afield, you can get Rosie's Cookie Dough, (Of "Rosie's All-Butter,All-Sugar Cookbook fame) refrigerated in the dairy section...You could ask for it at a nearby Whole Foods...

    1. I've never met a Toll House dough I didn't like........

      1. try whole foods. i may be way off here, but i'm pretty sure i've seen "tubs" [they look like yogurt or ice cream containers] of refrigerated cookie dough in the dairy section...maybe somewhere near the butter, spreads, etc?

        anyone else know what i'm talking about?

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          ok, i just got back from whole foods, and got the brand name for you."tom's cookies." i have no idea if they're any good, but the flavors certainly sound great.

          the company is based in san francisco, so it may be a regional thing out here on the west coast, but try calling the manhattan stores to see if any of them carry it...

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            I think I've seen the Tom's cookie dough at Trader Joe's as well.

            I just tried Whole Foods' house brand dry chocolate chip cookie dough mix (just add egg and butter). It was way less oily than the Nestle logs (thank god!) but strangely salty.

        2. Talk to the Schwan's man. I get peanut-butter-chocolate-chunk cookie dough from him.

          1. Trader Joe's has a good frozen dough that I add chopped nuts to (pressed into the top of the dough round), but from scratch just are the best. I make the dough into logs and freeze them, then thaw, slice and bake.

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              I make cookie dough from scratch, too, but I spoon them onto a baking sheet, freeze until hard, and then put into a plastic bag. I don't thaw them before baking, I just bake them about 5 minutes more than usual.

              The Toll House cookies that you break apart are okay, if you eat them while still warm. Costco usually also sells tubs of cookie dough balls that you can bake.


              1. re: leanneabe

                I make the standard Nestle Toll House recipe w/ Guittard bittersweet chips and butter. I freeze the dough double wrapped in waxed paper in 12" logs that weight approx 2 lbs. I can slice rounds from a frozen log out whenever I want cookies. I log will make 2 dozen cookies.