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Oct 10, 2007 07:35 AM

Mc Kinnons Butcher Shop in Salem

Has anyone been to this new store and if so what are the prices and quality like?

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  1. I've been waiting for it to open - they have the best boneless chicken - got a bunch of chicken that I split up into more manageable sizes and froze - the chicken always is very tender when I've used it - I don't care for the burger patties or sausages. Also, the veal is very good - Their prices are great.

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      I forgot to say that this was bought at their Everett location.

    2. Connor's Farm in Danvers sells their marinated meats but I've been afraid that they were over salted. Do they sell organic meats?

      1. I used to live near their Danvers store, and shopped there a lot. The quality was at least as good as the supermarkets (and often a bit better), but the prices tended to be significantly lower. The Danvers Meat Market on North Street is usually higher quality than McKinnon's, but you do pay for it.

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          I was at the Salem store on Friday for the first time and I was pretty impressed with the selection and the prices. I have not been to any of their other stores but this is supposed to be the largest one. I usually shop at Market Basket and I found a lot of prices were equal to or better than MB (boneless chicken breast $1.59). I think they will really put the squeeze to the Meat House on the other end of Salem. Meat House seemed to have much higher prices and less variety. Only time will tell. Also you can check out their weekly specials on their website.

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            I stopped in on Sat and picked up the house marineted tips (on sale $4.89lb) and slpit chicken breast($.99lb). The tips were very tender and the marenade was on the sweet side which I also enjoyed. The chicken breast were quite large and cooked up fine. I will definetly stop by again as it is on the way home from work.

        2. i always shopped everett when i lived down that way now will shop salem living up this way

          1. I'd like to answer the direct question regarding McKinnons in Salem NH...

            The store is very large; it's about the size of most supermarkets in the town. When you enter, the butcher section is immediately to your right if you desire custom cuts, etc. Further down is the seafood counter, and following the counters toward the back and then through about halfway toward the middle of the back of the store, you have a deli counter, salad counter, prepared food (fried chicken, etc.), small bakery, and desserts.

            For the first third of the store, the aisles contain pre-cut meat in familiar styrofoam-and-plastic-wrap containers organized by type (frozen meat/fish, beef, poultry, pork/sausage, lamb, veal). Current deals (and they have some great ones) have their prices highlighted. London Broil was $2.88/lb, and Filet Mignons were $5.99 for a "family pack" of three filets for a total of nearly two pounds of meat.

            In the middle of the store is the produce section. Prices are good, although they won't beat Pete's Farm Stand on Cluff Rd. The produce looked fresh.

            The rest of the store is your typical groceries. The "store brand" merchandise has the label "The Best Yet" and offers value at about 10-15% off the name brands. There was a frozen section with what appeared to be homemade meals, frozen (breaded veal, veal cutlet parmesan, eggplant parmesan, etc.). At the far left of the store, toward the front, is the beer section, which has a surprisingly large selection (abbey ales from Quebec, for instance) and good prices.

            Finally, despite the fact that there were many people in the store yesterday (around 2pm), my wife and I were able to get to the check-out after waiting only half a minute for the person in front of us to finish their purchase.

            The place is much larger than Meat House, and for the most part, has a much larger selection. The prices for name brand groceries are a bit higher than the supermarkets, but they make up for that with an excellent selection of meat (it is, after all, a "butcher shop").

            My wife and I will definitely shop there again, perhaps twice a month (it's just the two of us now with the kids in college).

            I hope this gives enough information. I'm attaching a link below to the place. The web site states that the store is "currently under construction" so it would appear that they need to update their site....!


            Mckinnons Super Butcher Shop
            236 N Broadway, Salem, NH

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              Nice report. I just went yesterday and agree with your comments. I did purchase swordfish at a good price and it was excellent. I have had it at Shaws - where it was so fresh that you could smell the ocean (but it's not always like that) - but no complaints about Mckinnons quality. I'll be back to keep checking it out.

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                I agree with the beer selection and the prices are very fair although not as good as Market Basket sales but again a better selection. Thanks for the link to thier store for some reason I was able to find it.

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                  does this McKinnons have cuts like tri-tip and hangar steak? i used to get these at The Meat House when they first opened but now hangar is a 'special order' and quite often they do not have tri-tip. also, do they carry any offal?