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Bar Stuzzichini

Any Hounds out there try this one yet? Reco for party of 3 (2 from out of town) - tables or standing room only???

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  1. I used opentable.com and got a reservation for this past friday night 24 hours in advanced. It is a huge place so you may get lucky as a walk in. There are two nicely sized bar areas as well. Have the pasta with the lemon and pistachio, though a little heavy, it was the best new thing I've eaten in recent memory. Chickpea fritters were good as well.

    1. I was a walk-in (granted, it was Yom Kippur) and everything was fantastic. the orecchiette was really great, and the stuzzichini selection is excellent. nice wine list, too.

        1. Went this past weekend, had just about everything on the menu. Things that stand out are the fried meatballs, the shrimp, the rigatoni with ox tail ragu, and the short rib braciole is great.

          1. went about a month ago - was really impressed with the food, wine, service, decor and value. a great addition to the neighborhood.

            1. Went last night, got an opentable reservation in the afternoon. It was fairly crowded, so I would get a reservation.

              Food was overall very good, but I would not say it was wonderful. Staff was friendly and really tried to be helpful. I was with two women, both of whom wanted to go back. I would go back, but I won't say that I will be dying to do it. Overall, good to very good, not great.

              1. I was there this past weekend -- I can't say enough good things about this place. The food was incredible. One of my best recent dining experiences. Highly recommended!

                1. I cannot believe this place is getting good reviews. I went for lunch about a month ago and won't go back.

                  First, the back room is depressing - it looks like a chain straight out of TGI Friday's. The bathrooms are tiny, considering the room is so large.

                  I tried to order grilled sardines as an appetizer but they were out of that as well as the calamari. Nothing else appealed to me on the apps menu so I moved on to the pastas. I ordered ziti or something with Bolognese sauce. When it arrived it was a small portion and also contained half of a link of pork sausage. I asked the waiter why it wasn't mentioned on the menu that the dish contained pork. He didn't know. I just couldn't eat the dish with what looked like an already half-eaten pork sausage that was plopped on top of the pasta so I sent it back. I tried to order in its place eggplant parmigiana but the waiter warned me that it was a very small dish (as many of their dishes are small) but the prices are higher than appetizers even though they're still small.

                  For a restaurant that serve cicchetti like this one claims, I want to see the food spread out so I can see what I'm ordering. I also like to smell the aroma of food cooking in an Italian restaurant. This wasn't 'it. It seems better geared to the after-work wine and appetizer crowd in the FtatIron area.

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                    They serve stuzzichini not chicchetti. Also there are six bathrooms, 2 on the main level. One is handicapped so it has to be large. Also there is no calamari on the menu.

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                      I also agree that the place is undeserving of good reviews. I went there recently, made reservations for 5:30 pm & was seated at a tiny, cramped table in the bar section instead of the dining room, despite all the empty tables. There was no reason for that other than just the management doing a power trip thing. When I went home, there were 2 messages left in the afternoon, with one of them threatening to cancel the reservation unless I called back immediately! The guy who took the reservations did not say I needed to confirm again!

                      The food was OK, certainly does not compare to the real thing in Italy, but more importantly, was overshadowed by our experience there! I will never be back there nor will I recommend it to friends. There are too many other great restaurants here for people to put up with such a disrespectful management.