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Oct 10, 2007 07:04 AM

Restaurant Eve drinks

My wife and I are going to Restaurant Eve for dinner on Saturday. Our reservations are a bit later than I had hoped to get. I'm wondering if there's anywhere nearby we can go for drinks, or if they have a decent bar at Restaurant Eve where we can enjoy ourselves for an hour or so before dinner.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Eve has a great bar area and would be a fun place to spend an hour. In addition to a large selection of wines by the glass, Todd Thrasher, Eve's "Sommelier and Liquid Savant," has a unique and delcious selection of homemade cocktails.

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      Thrasher is one of the top mixologists or bar chefs or whatever you want to call them at this point in the country. His combinations are creative and well thought out.

    2. Next to PX, Eve has the best bar in Old Town. Period. The pickle martini and new age gibson are my favorites, and the sommeliers at Eve have been well trained by The Master. Their selections will suit your meal to a T.

      1. Agreed, Eve offers the best original mixed drinks I have ever had. I believe they also have a small bar over Eamon's Dublin Chipper where they serve them.

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          That'd be PX. I read that they're opening at 6pm on Fridays/Saturdays to meet demand.

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            Thanks, that's it. I believe they have a pennant that flies when they have room, otherwise you can't get unless you have reservations at Eve.

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              Once the pirate flag is out and the blue light is on, PX is open and the line starts forming. Saturday evenings seem to be the worst; much more relaxed on Thursdays.

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                And even more relaxed on Wednesdays, which is why I stopped off there this evening on my way home. FYI, tonight was the first night for both a new bartender and a new waitress at PX; I believe Craig (the old bartender) will be sticking around till the 20th (when he moves over to Eve) which should make the transition pretty smooth, but service there might be a little slower than usual this weekend when the new folks get their first really busy house.