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Oct 10, 2007 06:59 AM

Is Herrera's still around (and other Mex questions)?

Next year makes it 20 years since we left Dallas and we're planning a trip pretty much to eat good Mexican and Tex-Mex food we've missed for so long. Is Herrera's still around? What are the good places now for Mexican and Tex-Mex?

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  1. The original Herrera's on Maple is still around.

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    1. re: Webra1

      That is actually the quasi-original. The real original is the adobe shack that is catty corner from the current location (they moved due to a kitchen fire). The original had all of 9 tables and you walked through part of the kitchen to get to the dining room. They would keep your BYOB's in their fridge (not entirely legal) and best I can recall that corner was the only one in town where the cops would allow open containers. On weekends the line would wrap around the block. Those were the days...

      And to answer the OP, they are still doing fine with multiple locations, but I still prefer the one on Maple. The current Herrera running that one was a busboy when I started going there in high school.

    2. We love Rafa's on Lovers Lane...(for sour cream chicken enchiladas, and their refried beans, IMO, just can't be beat)...( 20 years ago, the owner had a restaurant called "Raphael's") We also think that for good ol cheese enchiladas and Top Shelf Margaritas, El Fenix is still great...A lot of people like Mi Cocina, and some like their other chain, Taco Diner (personally not impressed, it's okay...), and many like Luna De Noche....

      1. Consider Avila's on Maple (near Herrera's) and Cafe San Miguel (East of 75 and Knox Henderson area, I foget the street)

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          Cafe San Miguel it exactly at the 3-way intersection of Henderson and McMillan.

          1. It depends on how long it's been since you've been to Herreras. It's not in the same little dumpy building. It's across the street now in a bigger space. The little dumpy building is the Grapevine (not a wine bar).