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Is Herrera's still around (and other Mex questions)?

Next year makes it 20 years since we left Dallas and we're planning a trip pretty much to eat good Mexican and Tex-Mex food we've missed for so long. Is Herrera's still around? What are the good places now for Mexican and Tex-Mex?

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  1. The original Herrera's on Maple is still around.

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      That is actually the quasi-original. The real original is the adobe shack that is catty corner from the current location (they moved due to a kitchen fire). The original had all of 9 tables and you walked through part of the kitchen to get to the dining room. They would keep your BYOB's in their fridge (not entirely legal) and best I can recall that corner was the only one in town where the cops would allow open containers. On weekends the line would wrap around the block. Those were the days...

      And to answer the OP, they are still doing fine with multiple locations, but I still prefer the one on Maple. The current Herrera running that one was a busboy when I started going there in high school.

    2. We love Rafa's on Lovers Lane...(for sour cream chicken enchiladas, and their refried beans, IMO, just can't be beat)...( 20 years ago, the owner had a restaurant called "Raphael's") We also think that for good ol cheese enchiladas and Top Shelf Margaritas, El Fenix is still great...A lot of people like Mi Cocina, and some like their other chain, Taco Diner (personally not impressed, it's okay...), and many like Luna De Noche....

      1. Consider Avila's on Maple (near Herrera's) and Cafe San Miguel (East of 75 and Knox Henderson area, I foget the street)

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          Cafe San Miguel it exactly at the 3-way intersection of Henderson and McMillan.

          1. It depends on how long it's been since you've been to Herreras. It's not in the same little dumpy building. It's across the street now in a bigger space. The little dumpy building is the Grapevine (not a wine bar).

            1. Den,

              Not sure if you have made your trip. I would recommend some hole in the wall places that most Chowhounders have not gone to. The Thursday Lunch (Guiso de Puerco)Special at Los Amigos on Harry Hines and Empire Central is absolutely awesome $5.95 comes with chips and chile (hot sauce) and I usually get a water. El Pollo Regio (several around town I ate at the NW Hwy location) has a great grilled half chicken and large grilled onion with rice, beans (somewhat borracho), about 8 corn tortillas, and two limes. Might not come off as a "great" dish but it sure satisfies and with a $6.99 price tag....two people can eat off it. I usually eat alot and could not finish the whole half chicken dinner. Escondidos (literally a hole in the wall) near Parkland has been a favorite of mine for about 6-7 years. Consistent quality and owners/waitstaff have been there for years. I usually get the Lupe's Special (a bit of everything) or the enchiladas with achiote and potatoes. I would recommend going around 11 or 1 as the Parkalnd doctors and UT Southwestern students get there at 12 and the place gets crowded. I don't believe they are open for dinner or on the weekends. I have had some excellent tacos at Paisanos on Lombardy Dr close to Harry Hines. Saw this place when I landed at Love Field and it said on the building "Tortillas Hechos a Mano"....nice! The fajita and pastor tacos were addictive as was the sauce they bring to your table. I am not about the rest of the food but it is worth the trip just for the tacos. Fuel City (reported on by Texas Monthly magazine) to have the best tacos in Texas. The recommendation was picadillo tacos....I would stick with those as the other tacos were as good as other places. Picadillo tacos were definitely up in the addictive category with Paisanos. For Mex-Mex Nuevo Leon has always been good...never had a bad experience there. I like the moles there b/c they are hard to find. I would recommend Escondidos over Herrera's if you are in that area. Avilas is also good on Maple Ave but I would avoid Ojedas. I have given them serveral chance to impress and they never have. Las Marias across from Bachman Lake on NW Hwy on the north side of Love Field is great on all of their dishes. I like all of their lunch specials and have made the trip for dinner also. All time favorite is El Ranchito in Oak Cliff though. I had excellent grilled cabrito with fresh hand made corn tortillas (not the thin flat perfectly round ones). It was just excellent. That is a few for you to try. I have a few more in the Bachman Lake area since it is the area we frequent to escape from the office in Preston Center.

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                Have you tried La Hechizera on maple near inwood behind the tire shop? It is one of my favorites.

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                  I will give it a go. High on my list on Maple are Mariscos and Esquivels both on Maple. I read about them both on dallasfood.org (Mexican on Maple series). You might want to check them out. Both Mariscos and Esquivels both have "tortillas de maiz hechos a mano" very rare to find these days. The reviews on them both have had my mouth watering for days. I believe there is a La Hechizera on Montfort if I read the sign right in the same strip center as the Arby's just south of Montfort and Alpha on the west side of the street.

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                    My TX/MX favoritas are:

                    El Taquito Cafe (East Dallas)
                    Herrera's (Maple Ave. location)
                    El Juarez (Downtown McKinney, TX -- my personal favorite)
                    El Ranchito (Oak Cliff)
                    Tejano (Oak Cliff)
                    Avila's (Maple Ave.)
                    Uncle Tony's (Mockingbird/Love Field)
                    Cuquita's (Henderson St. location)
                    Mia's (Lemmon Ave.)
                    Omega's (Deep Ellum)

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                      I think Omega's is closed. I believe there's a diner in that location now next to the Chop Shop.

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                        Omega's moved. It's now in the old Fat Ted's location on Commerce at Crowdus.

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                          Good to know, I sometimes go there after a night at Dada ;^)

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                        Not going to argue on most of the recommendations you have. I was just suggesting places around Herreras neighborhood. If I would have expanded the area I would have included most of the places you mentioned above. I will have to try out El Juarez though in McKinney....just never get out to McKinney since I live in Lewisville and work in Preston Center. On occasion I travel to Oak Cliff to see if I can find anymore hidden gems. El Ranchito is great love the cabrito follow it up with a stop at the paleteria down the street.

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                        I took my girlfriend to La Hechizeria last night as she wanted to work on her spanish. I will definitely check out Mariscos and Esquivels... that Mexican on Maple series is a great source.

                  2. Herreras has gone downhill well at least the one in carrollton, using cheap meat etc..

                    Best places now..(and this comes from a mexicano with the restaurant biz in his blood, I was literally raised in my Abuela's restaurant, Los Compadres, and my Abuelitas Cafe, Cuquitas..NO NOT THE ONE THAT IS THERE NOW, THE ORIGINAL! THAT WAS ON HARRY HINES ACROSS FROM PIKES PARK. LONG STORY SHORT THAT IS RUN BY SOME SHADY PEOPLE YOU WANT THE SCOOP EMAIL ME>>BUT DON'T EAT THERE. Sorry I get a little angry...you would too if you knew the background behind what is now known as cuquitas...My great grandma WAS cuquita and always will be...NOW BACK TO THE JOINTS..

                    Escondidos..always good
                    El Regio on NW Hwy (the one in carrollton sucks) They have it down right, and have those awesome Valley Limes...they are huge and sweet.
                    Tipicos...EXCELLENT BARBACOA
                    El Ranchito- Great when not with kids (sodas are by the can...dang kids go through 20 bucks in soda if you let them.)
                    Las Marias- not bad
                    I KNOW THIS IS A CHAIN..BUT DANG THEIR FOOD IS GOOD AND THE ESPINACA>>its out of this world.. Abuelos (yeah yeah i normally dont do the chains)
                    Oh yeah forgot Taco Real stand on Harry Hines (go after 2am if you want better chicharron tacos...the ones during the day arent as good but all hours Fajita is awesome
                    Gorditas on Harry Hines
                    La Malaguena on Harry Hines
                    Las Lomas lunch buffet is awesome
                    Oddest place for good migas....The Mecca ...but then again mexicanos are cooking..so you know how weeeee do it.

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                      Have to agree with you on most of your recs...some of them I have yet to try. Las marias is about to be booted from their place...saw an email for the leasing company that is leasing their space. Wonder if they know? Anyway how do you like Los Amigos on Harry Hines @ Empre Central? I really like thier guiso de puerco on Thursdays for lunch special. I was also curious if you like El Rancho same stretch of Harry Hines. I saw a recent article in the DMN that say Gloria Campos likes the place for their tamales.

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                        Los Amigos have not been, El Rancho is hit n miss...Best Tamales hands down.. Dallas tortilla on 8th an marsalis in tha cliff... get em hot, get some lemon and salt and proceed as follows.
                        You take the husk off..pop it in your mouth and chew it and get all that flavor and masa that stuck to it off..ya toss it in the trash bag then squirt lime or lemon on your tamale, sprinkle some salt..and if ya got some tapatio put some o dat on it too...and wash it down with an Ice cold coke with lime.

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                          Herrera's is wonderful. The original location had a small fire and they move to larger digs almost across the street. The old location, which was feature in National Geographic, now is a gay bar of all things. There are several locations, including the one in Carrollton (ask for waiter Michael, good guy). This is standard tex Mex fare and really tasty and extremely consistent.

                          The tortilla's are like the hand made version we used to find at the original. For those that remember, the old location had a large elderly woman making these near the front door where you would have to stand in line (with your cooler of beer).

                          The complimentary bean soup is greatness in a bowl. The rest is decent and like I said consistent. I almost always get a 2c. ;)

                          Breakfast is very good as well. You can ask what the cooks are eating and get something off menu. Often tablitias.

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                            Thoroughly agree with your assessment. I was at the quasi-original a couple of weeks ago. My Jimmy's Special was extraordinarily good.