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Oct 10, 2007 06:38 AM


Do they take reservations at Terroni on Victoria, or is it a show up and wait for a table? Also, what could I expect from their wine list? I understand it is completely Italian wines but is it all barolos and Amarone, or does it have a good balance and price range?

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  1. I believe they do take reservations (I am going to today with a party of 6, with someone who would never line up for a table), and the wine list is great with many reasonable and varied options.

    1. They definitely take reservations at the Victoria location - I was there yesterday and had made a reservation for a party of 4. I called them about 10 a.m. the same day, and it was no problem, and was glad I made the reservation, as it filled up quickly for dinner.

      I don't believe they take reservations at the Queen West location.

      I can't really help you with the wine, because I usually just order a jug (or two) of the house red. :) One litre is $30, a half-litre is $18.

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        Tara9000 is right - they don't take reservations at the Queen West location.

      2. I've had decent chiantis at Terroni and pinot grigios -- some of the lesser know varietals they serve are quite a treat. Price range is pretty middle of the road, not too high end at all, and not too low end either.