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Oct 10, 2007 06:33 AM

Vegan in Philly?

Does anyone know of any restaurants in philly that cater to vegans?

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  1. Horizons! It's on 7th between South and Bainbridge. Go there immediately!

    1. Thank you Buckethead, I will absolutely check it out. Too bad you are the only one to respond.

      1. Try the Chinese Vegetarian restaurants, although you may need to check what has eggs in it. My favorite is New Harmony, but there is also Singapore and Kingdom of Vegetarians. Thank you.

        1. When my vegan friend visited me, he got ethiopian food from abyssinia (45th and Locust) a lot. That place is delicious.
          We also went to Horizons (which he loved) and Ansill, where David Ansill happilly made him a vegan plate of a lot of different vegetable dishes. It looked delicious, but I felt bad making him share the only food he could get. The servers will also point you to what is vegan on the menu, but they recommended spaetzle, which is definitely NOT vegan, so watch out.

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            wow! a vegan at ansill? i'm a pretty lax vegetarian but their menu's been enough to scare me away!

            bride of the juggler has a great start on the chinatown options. i have been to four strictly vegetarian restaurants in chinatown, all of which were good. also two vietnamese places i recently dined at (vietnam and vietnam palace, across the street from one another on 11th in chinatown) had an extensive vegetarian selection (just make sure you ask them to make the sauces vegan for you). i have had some awesome vege dining experiences in chinatown.
            i have to warn about the malaysian places i've been - there is a 'vegetables' section on the menus, but read the descriptions carefully as many dishes in that section contain pork and shrimp!

            you all wouldn't believe it if i told you i STILL have not been to horizons! my IT-guy friend at work is always yelling at me because of this.

            1. re: rabidog

              If you are ever out in Malvern, Su Tao Cafe is a great 100% vegan Chinese restaurant. They have an extensive and good lunch buffet. It is often a quick lunch stop for The Bride & I before heading further north on a Friday before a weekend away


          2. While Horizons definitely gets my vote for a nicer restaurant, if you'd like an inexpensive vegan pizza slice, vegan cheese steak, other vegan sandwiches, and/or a choice of numerous vegan desserts in an extremely casual setting or to-go, go to Gianna's on 6th St. near Lombard.

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