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Oct 10, 2007 06:26 AM

Edy's Pumpkin Ice Cream - Mix-in Ideas? [moved from What's My Craving board]

I just bought some of the Edy's Slow-Churned Light Ice Cream in the Pumpkin (limited edition) flavor. It's really good on its own, but I thought it needed a little texture to it, so I added crushed oreos and graham crackers - it was like eating a pumpkin pie with chocolate cookies!

Anyone else try this ice cream yet, and/or have any other mix-in ideas? It's a HUGE container and I want to see if anyone has any ideas! Thanks :-)

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  1. Crush up some ginger snaps. Or perhaps mini marshmallows & pecans!

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    1. re: sheilal

      I hate stuff mixed in ice cream.

      The Edy's Pumkin Ice Cream is delicious with a topping of Maple Syrup boiled, thickened and cooled, with some Toasted Walnuts mixed in to the syrup.

      Serve slightly warmed with Pumpkin Ice Cream. Very Fall and Festive!

    2. There's a sort of deconstructed cheesecake dessert here in LA that I love where scoops of cheesecake filling and scoops of strawberry sorbet are sprinkled with a graham cracker struesel. I'd bet that streusel would be amazing with pumpkin ice cream. I'd mix graham cracker crumbs with butter, sugar and maybe some spices, spread it in a pan and bake, and then crumble it over the ice cream. Or do the same with ginger snap crumbs.

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      1. re: mollyomormon

        That dessert sounds amazing- what restaurant/store is it, if you don't mind me asking? A friend of mine is in LA, and if I can't make, at the very least I want someone else to enjoy it!!

        1. re: gyozagirl

          It's at the Water Grill. I hope your friend gets to try it because it's as amazing as it sounds.

      2. crumbled snickerdoodles, white chocolate chips, caramel, heath bar, skor bar, caramelized walnuts, cinnamon streusel........

        1. Pecan Praelines crushed (TJ's?)
          Cinnamon Graham Crackers
          Waffle Cone Pieces
          Fried Sage Leaves
          Pie crust pieces
          Carob Chips
          Maple or Brown Sugar Caramelized Apples
          Candied Crystallized Ginger

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          1. re: Emme

            Wow, fried sage leaves? Sounds really interesting! The way I imagine this is like a batter-dipped sage leaf fried like a donut...? Or is it just the leaves fried with a dusting of flour on them?

            1. re: gyozagirl

              You can dust w/ flour, or just simple fry julienned pieces in butter and/or olive oil.

            2. re: Emme

              I love the fried sage leaves idea!

            3. Maybe pistachios? I had a pumpkin pie recipe that used ground pistachios as part of the crust and it was pretty tasty.

              I agree with Fleur tho. I'm not too keen on mix ins.