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Oct 10, 2007 05:46 AM

Dinner recs in Indy near I-70, I-465N or I-65N?

We will be driving through Indianapolis tomorrow night from Ohio and should be in the Indianapolis vicinity around dinner time. Any recs for an inexpensive, casual place with home cooking? Would prefer not to travel more than 1-2 mile off highway. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Yats on Mass Ave is an Indy favorite. It's less than a mile off of 65N (Market St. Exit 111, then turn right on College then a sharp left at the light on Massachusetts, which cuts College diagonally)'s Cajun/Creole food over rice with a side of garlic bread for $5. You can get anything with cheese and/or sour cream. Their dishes change often, but my favorite is spinach and mushroom etoufee. The guys who work there are awesome.

    Park on the street - all of the lots nearby tow, and are quite speedy about it.

    If you keep driving down Mass Ave another 5 or so blocks, you could do MacNivens, which is a Scottish pub. It's casual but has table service, unlike Yats where you order at the register.

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      There's also Bazbeaux Pizza, across the street from MacNiven's. Excellent thin-crust pizza, in both standard and gourmet versions. Their Quattro Formaggio is heavenly--mozz, cheddar, ricotta, mushrooms, bacon.
      What direction will you be heading in? North? There's some good restaurants up there, too, but close to the interstate exits it's mostly chains.

      1. re: jettababs

        We will be driving I-70 West to I-465 north then I-65 North on our way to Chicago. As we will probably hit Indy about 6 p.m. (you guys are on Central time, right?), I figure 465 is the way to go. Last time we went 70 to 65 North and hit terrible construction traffic.

        1. re: Diane in Bexley

          We're on Eastern Time until you get almost to Chicago.

          I would suggest La Margarita south of the Meridian Street exit on 465.

          If you get off on the Michigan Road exit and go west on 86th steet there is a bbq resturant called Squealers, you can then continue west on 86th street and get on 465 N to 65 N from there.

          1. re: Diane in Bexley

            Indianapolis time is the same as Ohio, Eastern Daylight Savings time. That is a change this year. They used to be an hour behind Ohio in the summer.

      2. 465 will be terrible, traffic-wise, too. If you hit around 6 pm, the worst of it should be over, but you can never to find a tasty place for dinner and hunker down until it's over.