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Oct 10, 2007 05:42 AM

Recommendations for nice place in Riverdale or Westchester?

A Dr. by my Mom's hospital is leaving, and they'd like to take him out for dinner in Riverdale or Westchester. The only place I have eaten at is Riverdelight, and the food was great, but I don't remember it being suitable for about 20 people, as the restaurant as I recall was long (narrow). Any recommendations for a nicely priced meat restaurant in these areas? Thanks!

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  1. Its a tough call, there really is nowhere to go. Actualy when we really want a good meal and have some time on our hands, we actualy go to the cafeteria at Weiler hospital (Einstein). That is the best kosher food in the Bronx/Westchester area. Otherwise Manhattan it is (or Great Neck, depending on traffic).

    1. Let's see...

      There's Ginger Grill -, which is an Asian Steakhouse. The food's rather good, not sure of the ambiance as I alway ordered out.

      Other than that, not sure if anything could be considered "nice"

      1. When were you at Riverdelight? I had dinner there on a Sunday maybe 2 years ago. The service was so abysmal I've never gone back, and that has overshadowed any memories of the food. If things have improved I'd love to know it. That said, I know they do l parties that size.

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          I went back to Riverdelight in January for dinner - and it was good! Maybe I was there on an off night last time, or maybe they have improved. Ginger Grill is also reliable.