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Oct 10, 2007 01:44 AM

Date recommendations on the Eastside (Redmond/Bellevue)?

I have a date in a couple of days, and I am trying to determine what would be a good place to go for it. I'd prefer not to break the bank on it, but at the same time I'd like to find something relatively nice, and a relatively quiet place would be good too. Alcohol selection is irrelevant, since neither of us will be drinking. Any suggestions?

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  1. manzana on the edge of lincoln square in downtown bellvue. or mediteranean kitchen just a block or 2 south of bell square on the same side of the street. you can thank me later.

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    1. re: bighound

      Mediterranean Kitchen is great, but be careful of the garlic - don't want it to ruin the date!

    2. Mediterranean Kitchen would be a good choice... You could also try 520 Bar & Grill up on Main Street (Bellevue) or the Italian restaurant "Salute" right next door to 520. If Redmond is more feasible, try Pomegranate (they have fun non-alcoholic, but still "adult" drinks), or maybe the new Spazzo at Redmond Town Center.

      1. Cafe Juanita is really exceptional food and definitely won't break the bank if you aren't drinking. Seriously, this place is not to be missed. Purple in either Woodinville or Kirkland is also very good.

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          Cafe Juanita is my favorite, but for some people it could break the bank,although not ordering alcohol will help keep the bill down.. Check out the prices on their website first to avoid possible embarrassment.