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Oct 10, 2007 01:18 AM

CRAFT 3 Stars???? [moved from Los Angeles board]

Craft just received 3 stars from our local LA paper. Have to say our experience was far below 2 stars in fact after experiencing most of the new local Century City Craft menu (with TC in the Kitchen) we were semi disappointed and saw nothing close to our NYC experiences at TC's other Restaurants.
Our first stop in NYC is normally Gramercy Tavern before we hit the town hard.
Does this mean Providence should be 9 stars? Bastide 8 stars. French Laundry 10 stars. There I feel better now!
Craft will have to preform an exorcism before we set foot in there again, very average basic food.
One Wish upon a Star?

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  1. By that rating of Craft, I would give French Laundry a billion stars.

    Looks like SIV might have joined the "two martini's or so before writing" club.

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    1. re: Diana

      Or she went as herself and got the star treatment. You know, the Ruth Reichl problem.

      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        ..or to go back a bit, the Lois Dwan problem. Giving 3 stars to Craft is even more insulting to Angelini.

        1. re: mnosyne

          She has been rather off the last several weeks. 1 1/2 stars for Angelini and 3 for Craft??? 1/2 star for Abode? (I love that place).

    2. Nearly everyone who's worked in enough reviewable LA restos knows what Irene looks like. You can see her and her hubby coming a mile away. Everyone from bussers, to servers to the line cooks goes into Irene mode, not to mention the Chef and GM. She has almost consistently overrated every restaurant I've eaten at and based on my personal experience (as a restaurant employee) I can see why. She gets much better treatment (more attentive from the front and back of house) than most folks do. I can't trust her reviews at all.

      and to Diana, I've never seen her drink before dinner, FWIW.

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      1. re: echo eater

        maybe she & her hubby needs to start the habit of wigs & sunglasses too ;)

        but yes, I find her reviews to be a mixed bag compared to my own experiences. Interestingly, Jonathan Gold (who's probably just as recognizable in the resto scene) is much more spot-on.


        1. re: AquaW

          Yes, J. Gold, equally, if not more recognizable seems more even handed in his measurements. I agree that his reviews feel more reliable. While I have witnesses extra attention being lavished upon him as well, I think he's better able to read between the lines.

          1. re: echo eater

            Jonathan Gold really is no better than Virbila; he hands out some real lollapaloozas, too. Royale, SimonLA, and Pho 79 in Chinatown stand out as some of his huge headscratchers. He fetishizes certain places, then won't stop banging their drum, no matter how bad they may actually be. It's just that he often tends to tread an earthier territory than Virbila - when has she ever reviewed a taqueria? - which is why I think he gets so much more praise.

            With both critics, one has to read between the lines, learn to recognize their idiosyncracies, and, with enough experience, a reader can decode when the experience is truly good or bad and when the critic is just having his or her particular buttons pushed.

          2. re: AquaW

            On the other hand I think Leslie Brenner, Linda Burum and Susan LaTempa, among others at the LA Times do a very good job finding and reviewing the smaller, overlooked Asian and Latin American restaurants in the greater LA area.

          3. re: echo eater

            I was being silly.

            I wouldn't give a place a billion stars, either, to be clear on that :)

          4. funny considering how craft (nyc) lost a michelin star this year.

            1. I read the thread title and thought that Russ/Kar had some insight into the upcoming Michelin guide. Now that I've learned that it's not the case, I offer a disinterested shrug and hit Back on my browser in 3...2...

              1. I don't know if anyone has been to Craft recently- my husband and I went last week- and were very happy. The service, which most of the poor reviews were focused on, was impecable. We had a knowledgable waiter, who was quite attentive. The food itself- was fantastic. Now I cannot compare it to Craft NYC of 5 years ago, but I don't often compare restaruants in that way.