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Oct 9, 2007 11:59 PM

Kosher Thanksgiving Dinner in Dallas?

Does anybody know if there is any place in Dallas (or surrounding areas) where one could get a prepared kosher turkey dinner on Thanksgiving? I will be in Dallas for the day/evening, and after some football a traditional Thanksgiving dinner would be nice:)



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  1. A spot to check as well is - you can searfch the the Dallas area and get al ist of restaurants with reviews -

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      I was in Dallas this past summer so my recommendations will be current. Most of the kosher restaurants that are in the Dallas area are in Richardson. Go to the Vaad of Dallas website to find the names and addresses of kosher Dallas area establishments.

      Stuie's Place is the best restaurant that I visited. I recommend it if you want to dine in or takeout. The Tom Thumb grocery store in Richardson has a bakery department and a prepared meat(rotisserie and fried chicken) and deli counter (deli, salads, etc.) under Dallas Vaad supervision. Check to see if they will have turkey on Thanksgiving.

    2. I'm not sure what your loding is, but I know a Kosher Personal Chef that travels during the holidays. She probably could help fill your request for Thanksgiving. Here is her website:

      1. Call Simcha Catering in Dallas. They used to do individual meals.

        If not, call the Vaad Hakashrut or an orthodox synagogue like Shaare Tefilla or Ohr Hatorah and ask.

        1. Daniel,

          Give us a call. We are a private family who keeps kosher and would be happy if you joined us for the Thanksgiving Dinner. It would be our pleasure as we have many friends over to share the simcha. Call 321-624-4954. We live in North Dallas.

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            Being that Daniel was looking for a Thanksgiving dinner a couple of years ago, I'd hope he found an invitation a bit earlier than now!