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Oct 9, 2007 11:20 PM

Does anyone have a good mini fruit tart recipe?

I would like to make mini fruit tarts for a baby shower. does anyone have a good recipe? What should i top it with? Lemon tart? How do I make the dough? baking directions? I have tried making Ina Garten's fruit tart recipe with pastry creme. Tart was slightly hard. The recipe turned out good, but was wondering does anyone have a to die for recipe.

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  1. I have one from Sarah Leah Chase's cookbook for cream cheese apple tarts. It's a tart base, cream cheese layer and then apples on top. I've used pears instead of the apples which were really good. And the best was leaving out the apples and using lemon curd on top. I can post the recipe if you're interested.

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        If I omit the apples part and use lemon curd, I use Alton Brown's on It's very easy and has a great consistency. I just layer it on after baking and the tart has cooled.
        Apple Cream Cheese Tarts

        1 1/4 flour
        1/2 c. butter, cut into small pieces
        1/3 c. sugar
        2 tsp. vanilla

        Process flour, butter, sugar in food processor until you get coarse meal. Add vanilla and process until it holds together. Gather in ball, wrap in plastic, refrigerate half an hour.

        Cream Cheese filling:

        8 oz cream cheese, cut in small pieces
        1/2 c. sugar
        1 large egg
        2 tsp vanilla

        Process all until smooth.


        2 large apples, peeled, cored, cut into thin wedges (pears work great)
        1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
        2 tbsp brandy
        3 tbsp sugar
        2 tsp cinnamon

        Toss together, let stand 20 minutes.

        Preheat oven to 350. Divide dough into 5 pieces. Press each piece of dough into 4 1/2" tart pan, covering bottom and sides. Spoon filling in tarts. Arrange apple slices in a circle, overlapping (make sure to overlap a lot because the cream cheese will puff up and separate it). Pour juices over. Place on baking sheet and bake 35-45 minutes until lightly brown. Cool completely and remove from pan.

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          OK now this I think they'd eat, no questions. If I make it in a tart pan, it will be a whole different story to them. I always have lemon curd on hand for my Lemon Star cookies, so maybe I'll sub that for the juice.

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            I realize this thread is ancient, but since it's been revived: this type of thing works beautifully with your choice of basic cookie dough. The recipe given here is a sugar cookie dough but you can use oatmeal, gingersnap, snickerdoodle, etc. As long as the consistency is suitable for patting into the pan, you're all set.

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              You can never have too many Thanksgiving recipes!

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                I think the beauty of the cream cheese apple tart is that it's the concept but can be switched to an infinite number of variations. Gingersnap, w/ pumpkin mousse on top? Oatmeal w/ browned butter caramel/dulce de leche? Snickerdoodle w/ glazed persimmons?

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            Dorie Greenspan's lemon cream tart or Alice Medrich's lemon tart?

          3. I use a tart crust recipe like the one above, then put a mixture of lemon yogurt and cream cheese on top, with berries on top. The lemon yogurt-cream cheese filling is so lovely and easy. Use a good lemon yogurt, though, and a full-fat cream cheese. I use Cascadian Farms yogurt, but Stoneyfield is probably good, too. You want one of the natural ones, as it behaves better.

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              I am partial to Chobani lemon myself, I will play around with it.

            2. I do a coconut pastry tart shell and vary the fillings, but often use peach or mango. Holler if you want some recipes.

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                That reminfs me: no matter what dough you are using for your shell, if you use part, or all, virgin coconut oil the tart crust will not get soggy in the refrigerator. Leftovers won'd have *crisp* pastry, but it *will* stay firm.